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The little black dress workout is a workout published in Fitness Magazine promising 4 weeks to slim, strong, and sexy results. The workout was created by Marco Reed, owner of Get Beyond Fit in Los Angeles, CA. It was originally published in preparation for the holidays, promising results for the consumer to look amazing in their little black dress. The program incorporates a strength training program, a cardio program and a diet plan to achieve the 4 week goal.


Not applicable. The little black dress workout requires two pairs of dumbbells of 5-8 lbs and 10-12 lbs, and a set of 2 pound ankle weights.

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The little black dress workout is a workout published by Fitness Magazine that was created by Marco Reed, the owner of Get Beyond Fit located in Los Angeles, California. The program promises 4 weeks to slim, strong and sexy results. The strength training portion of the program is designed to be a 12 minute per day program, three times per week on non-consecutive days. The exercises include: Trunk Rotation, Alternating Shoulder Raise, Warrior Lunge, Traveling Power Squat, Alternating Push-up, Plie with Hammer/Bicep Curls, Clam Dig with Rotation, and Weighted Back Extension. The cardio component is a 30 minute program is a jump-rope program with shadow boxing intervals that is said to burn 300 calories a session. The diet is published as 7 days of meals, snacks and desserts that have all calories and nutritional information published.

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  • The little black dress workout promises results in 4 weeks.
  • The little black dress workout incorporates strength training, cardio training, and diet.


  • The little black dress workout requires a strict diet change.
  • The little black dress workout may require the consumer to consult the Fitness Magazine website for specific help on the strength training exercises.


The little black dress workout published by Fitness Magazine is one of several workouts named the Little Black Dress Workout. This workout incorporates both cardio and strength training components with a diet change component that is fully laid out on the Fitness Magazine website. This version also promises to show dramatic results in just four weeks, up to a 10 pound weight loss. This may be a little ambitious for most consumers. Also, healthy, sustainable weight loss should not exceed one to two pounds per week. Consumers will have to stay on this program past the 4 week mark to maintain weight loss and fitness results. This program does not mention weight loss supplements as part of the program.

Consumers looking to lose weight may want to consider a weight loss supplement that contains both an appetite suppressant and fat burner. This combination, along with a healthy diet and moderate exercise will offer the best weight loss results.

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