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Liv SXinney is a nutritional supplement manufactured by Liv International. Liv International is committed to making the best products on the market. The company states that they make products built on sound scientific and nutritional principles. The products are said to not only help the consumer lose weight, but make them feel better as well. Liv SXinney is a concentrated liquid that is added to 32 to 64 oz of water and consumed throughout the day. It balances energy levels, and gives the body needed minerals.


Liv SXinney contains Fulvic Mineral Concentrate, Chlorophyllins, Purified Water, Methyl Paraben, Spearmint Oil, Propyl Paraben, and Stevia.

Product Features

Liv SXinney is a nutritional supplement added to 32-64 oz of water and consumed throughout the day. The two main ingredients are Fulvic Mineral Concentrate and Chlorophyllins. The benefits of these two products include: Deodorize, detoxify, and balance energy levels; Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties; Maintain proper body system balance; May improve immune system response; and Help to reduce cravings for sweets. This supplement is said to remind the body about the difference between hunger pangs and thirst cravings, which can be confused and cause the consumer to over eat. It is also said to improve stamina and physical performance through a constant intake of healthy minerals. Dosing instructions state to mix 2 oz of concentrate in 32-64 oz of water and drink throughout the day.

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  • Liv SXinney has a dedicated website.
  • Liv SXinney is made of all natural ingredients.


  • Liv SXinney is not available for purchase directly from the corporate website.
  • Liv SXinney does not have clinical trial information on the corporate website.


Liv SXinney is a nutritional supplement that is added to water and consumed throughout the day. It is made of all natural ingredients, including Fulvic Mineral Concentrate and Chlorophyllins. The company states that the fulvic mineral is important because it has been depleted from the soil, and therefore depleted from our bodies. The chlorophyll is said to increase stamina and endurance, and will increase the benefits of an exercise regime. The supplement is said to balance the body and improve the immune response. The company does have a dedicated website with a fully disclosed ingredient list but no side effects are reported for this product. The website does not offer clinical trial information or customer testimonials. Also, Liv SXinney is not available for purchase on the corporate website. The company has independent distributors that sell the product for the company. The company has other products and a program called Liv Style Lifestyle that recommends a program of healthy diet, exercise and their products for a healthy weight and lifestyle. Consumers under the age of 24 are advised not to take this product.

Consumers looking to lose weight should consider a weight loss supplement that contains a fat burner and appetite suppressant. This combination, along with diet and exercise, will offer the best results. The supplement should have dedicated website with customer testimonials and clinical trial information proving the safety and effectiveness of the product.

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    I have crohn’s disease. I am on 6MP or mercaptopurine 100mg per day. How does this product effect with my medicine. I also have bone loss.


  • 2

    Hi I Drink Liv Sxinny,Iam courious about it leveling alkilinity / PH and acidity in your body if Liv sXinny takes care of these 3 concerns. I
    suffer from MRSA. Thanks


  • 3

    is it safe to take liv sxinney while breast feeding?



    yes it is, im breast feeding and drinking it. igot the ok from the founder of the company.



    Is the founder of the company a doctor??



    HE is a scientist.