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If you take a good look at the dietary supplement market, you will notice that there are so many different supplement formulas to take for a wide array of ailments and health concerns. One common factor regarding these products is the fact that they contain all-natural or vegetarian ingredients. For those that are new to the whole game of dietary supplements and vegetarian formulas, you may not have heard of Livatone Plus before. This is basically a product that was formulated by one Sandra Cabot MD.

Along the lines of many other diet products and health care supplements out there now days, Livatone Plus is sold in capsule form and is available conveniently online. While the retail price is $60 for this supplement formula, it can be acquired on for $50 (240 capsules). Although Livatone Plus does not endeavor to aid with weight reduction, this product is claimed to assist with issues like liver disease, hepatitis (inflammation of the liver), cirrhosis, the detoxification of the body, and fatty liver. Unfortunately there are no key ingredients listed for Livatone Plus, however, it is stated that this supplement contains natural components. In conjunction with taking this dietary supplement, users are directed to consume plenty of fiber, as well as drink six to eight glasses of water daily.


  • Milk Thistle Seed Extract (Pure Silymarin 210mg) equiv 17,500mg dried milk thistle
  • Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) 105mg
  • d-alpha tocopheryl succinate (vitamin E) 200iu
  • Thiamine hydrochloride (B1) 11mg
  • Riboflavin (B2) 11mg
  • Nicotinamide (B3) 11mg
  • Pyridoxine hydrochloride (B6) 11mg
  • Folic Acid 240mcg
  • Vitamin B12 60mcg
  • Biotin 60mcg
  • Calcium pantothenate (equiv pantothenic acid 22mg)(B5) 27.5mg
  • Zinc (as zinc oxide) 7mg
  • Selenium (as selenomethionine) 50mcg
  • Livatone® Plus Nutritive base 379mg Taurine, phosphatidyl choline from soya lecithin, broccoli powder, L – Cysteine, HCI, L-Glutamine , Glycine, Inositol, natural caretenoids, (Camelia sinensis (green tea) extract, L – glutathione)
  • Veggie Cap, Cellulose fiber, Magnesium stearate and silica

Product Features

Livatone Plus is a vegetarian dietary supplement that is suited for both women and men that may be afflicted with liver disease, hepatitis (inflammation of the liver), cirrhosis, the detoxification of the body, and fatty liver. This is not a prescription product, that has to be attained through a medical professional, but rather a supplement that can be acquired online with ease. Other than benefiting the user’s liver, Livatone Plus is additionally claimed to promote waste elimination from the body. You will find a number of reviews on websites like for this product.

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  • Livatone Plus capsules are vegetarian and can be taken by both women and men.
  • It is easy to acquire this dietary supplement online through websites like


  • There is no 100 percent money-back guarantee provided with this vegetarian supplement.
  • Livatone Plus capsules do not endeavor to help with weight reduction.
  • There is no clinical research backing up this product on an official website.
  • It is not clear why any individuals without liver dilemmas would want/need to take this supplement formula.


Livatone Plus is essentially one of countless dietary supplements that are claimed to aid with the elimination of bodily waste and toxins. While it is nice to hear that this vegetarian supplement may be able to assist some individuals with liver disease, hepatitis (inflammation of the liver), cirrhosis, the detoxification of the body, and fatty liver, there is really no clinical evidence to support this, which may work as a red flag to some individuals. Naturally if you are seeking out a supplement that is specifically for weight reduction, you will want to look at an alternative supplement to Livatone Plus.

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37 User Reviews about Livatone Plus

  • 1

    I have chirrosis of the liver. Would you reccommend livatone.


  • 2

    to be honest, I used to be adictded to supplements similar to nano vapor. Musletech is very good when it comes to advertising. keep that in mind. I had some health issues before, and using all those supplements like bsn no-xplode and cell mass really aggravated my condition. In my opinion, yeah it will work for a short time but I think you should just stick to the essentials, protein and amino acids. You have to cycle those kind of supplements anyways because your body will get familiar with it and it wont be as effective. It gets really expensive. I use to drop 250 bucks a month easily and thats not including my gym membership.


  • 3
    Julie c

    What are the side affects?


  • 4

    I have an unopened Livatone plus that expired Feb 2014. Is it safe to use it now in Oct 2014? Does the potency start reducing or does it become toxic after expiry date? I don’t want to through away the sealed bottle but want to know if it is safe to use after 6 months of expiry.


  • 5

    Last week I started livatone pluss and this week I started taking two pills two times a day, is it normal to get some stomach cramping and I swear I feel some areas of my intestines moving also some pain in my liver? Please write back……Katri


  • 6
    Cynthia Lok

    Where can I purchase Livatone Plus tablets from in South Africa


    Meisie Verster

    Please tell me where can i buy livatone plus in South Africa(GAUTENG)


  • 7

    I have been diagnosed with fatty liver and quite honestly never heard of it before but I have read your book and do have all the symptoms I ordered the livatine plus but now am reluctant to take it until I know if there is anything in it that will rev you up – I take medicine for this as I have too much adrinaline and take a beta blocker for this and blood pressure – my question is will anything like the green tea listed or any other natural ingredients cause any nervousness and speeding up? I can’t take diet pills or anything like them


  • 8

    Is livatone plus caps available in pakistan. If yes where. If no why. Our customs stop such imports.


  • 9
    jenny ryan

    Ihave been taking livatone classic for a number of years
    Ranout and could only get livatone shots is x1 a day [ and more potent] is it the same as livatone plus which is x2 capsules twice a day as the classic is also
    I feel a bit different on the shots and wonder if too strong for me what ree the side rffects of the shots if any ?????


  • 10

    Today is my 3rd day taking Livatone Plus, starting with 2 capsules daily then after 7 days this will double. Day 1 I felt pretty good, went to the bathroom several times. Day 2 I still felt awesome, was in the bathroom 7 times! This morning (Day 3) I wake up feeling pretty sick- achy joints, lethargic, sour stomach, headachy, congested & my liver is hurting!!! I’ve read about using the restroom several times the first few days is normal. Feeling sick is pretty normal too for the first week. I don’t know if this liver pain is normal?! I am a little worried, seeking answers & help for my concern. I do have Crohn’s disease and am tired of western medicine not working and the side effects from many of the chemo drugs aren’t fun- nausea, losing clumps of my hair, general fatigue no matter how many hours I sleep, etc. I read a lot of great info on cleansing the liver & this product Livatone comes high recommended. I love how it has essential ingredients for both phases of a cleanse. I am planning on following the Gerson Therapy once I am adjusted to Livatone Plus. I would love nothing more then to be completely in remission for the rest of my life! I will follow up in a few days with how I am feeling later on while taking Livatone Plus!


  • 11

    We have just started taken livatone, and just wondering to expect e.g. any side effects and when will we start to notice any changes



    Curious how its going for you? I’m on day 2-1/2 & woke up feeling really sick but more importantly my liver hurts. It’s throbbing and aching and must be swollen bc I feel it. Any ideas? Did you feel this too?


  • 12

    could anyone tell me if the b vitamins in livertone are grown on yeast as i have candida albicans and become very ill when subjected to any form of yeast.


  • 13

    I have been on Livatone and Livatone Plus for one week. i have fatty liver disease and have noticed a couple of key results – (1) energy level, (2) gradual loss of bloating and (3) better sleeping through the night. I have also lost some cravings.


  • 14
    valerie fegan

    where do you buy livatone in london


  • 15
    Cristina Villoch

    My son suffers from high bilirrubin which is a by-product of the process in which hemoglobin is broken down. The liver is responsible for removing bilirrubin in the blood. Therefore when there is an excess is because the liver is not functioning properly. Does Livatone can correct this problem?
    Thanks in advance for your response


    dr sandra cabot

    the Livatone Plus helps the phase 2 detox and conjugation pathways in the liver and will be of benefit. your son probably has Gilbert’s Syndrome which is not a liver disease


  • 16

    I have allergic reaction after eating chocolate. At time breakouts are severe. After I tried Livatone Plus, I saw immediate improvement in clear skin and the way I felt- full of energy.
    Great product and I’m happy that I found it.


  • 17

    I was told 3 years ago I had non-A fatty liver, also diverticulitis and ulcerative colitis, latley I have been feeling so bad, extreme fatigue, weight gain, can’t lose weight, I really thought I needed to go to er, A really good friend of mine told me about livatone plus, so I took it to my doc. he said it is very safe and by all means to take it, everything in livatone plus does so good for the body..I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that someone told me of this amazing product, I feel so good at this point I hurt. :) The only way I can explain my energy level is (youthful) and natural, I can do more with my family, and in past couple of weeks have already lost 10 pounds, although I do not eat fried foods, i gave that up years ago, I have changed my eating habits to more healthy choices, but I do not let myself go hungry. All I can say is this product is amazing, and I totally give it 10 thousand thumbs up.


    dr sandra cabot

    make sure you stay of gluten as it aggravates inflammatory bowel disease. the new Livatone Plus with turmeric and selenium is very helpful – it is the Rolls Royce of liver tonics! You may find my book RAW JUICES CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE helpful


  • 18



  • 19

    current date 2011
    my bottle expired Nov 08
    3 years
    Would it be okay to finish out the bottle. regarding expiration date?


  • 20

    I have lost 8 pounds after 6 weeks of taking Livatone Plus, the first weight loss in 4 years. I am sleeping better and my energy levels are improved. I have a liver problem which is not serious but nonetheless has affected me. I recommend Livatone Plus, and the ingredients are listed and explained on the Liver doctor website.


  • 21

    Is Livatone Plus available in stores? If so, which ones, where?


    Lenore Hasse

    Is Livatone Plus available in South Africa? If so, where?


    susan kotze

    is livatone plus available in south africa


  • 22

    Everybody Knows That The Liver is THE fat burning organ, if the liver is healthy it will burn fat, livatone plus helps the liver to rid itself of fat, once the liver is healthy YOU will lose weight, its that simple,


  • 23
    Terry Sita

    I would like to know if this product contains any iron as people with hepatitis are not supposed to add iron to their diets. Also why are the ingredients not listed. What is she hiding? This is a red flag to me.



    My husband has used Livatone Plus for years because he has hepatitis C. It has helped keep his viral load low, IMO. I don’t know why they would say the ingredients are not listed on the bottle because they are. Google a web site that shows a bottle and enlarge the picture and you can see the ingredients for yourself.



    Hi Martha.
    I would like to know if Liva Tone does helped your husband with his Hep C. Does it help to mke it negative?


  • 24
    Gustavo Brugiafreddo

    I have a Sindrom that affects the proper function of my liver . After listened lots of doctors told me that there no solution and I have to cope with it the rest of my live I have found Livatone Plus through Internet. 2 pills a day and a I have my normal life again…
    I don’t know if it is natural, vegetarian or what whar helps a lot with to detoxify your body if you ave a lazy liver.



  • 25

    How do i know that livatone is safe, and will work for me? My Doc. told me i have a fatty liver.. is that why i have no energy.. and also i always thought my abd. was fat! I can never get the right answers…What can i do for this fatty liver?



    I have been reading the books and diet by Dr. Sandra Cabot. I am getting the livatone plus to go with my entire diet change. I also have fatty liver and don’t want it to get worse.



    Dr Cabot has an excellent book called “fatty Liver You can Reverse It” which should help you. The thing to remember is that It is a gradual slow process to reverse fatty liver. Many people have reported a complete reversal of this condition after correcting their diet and taking Livatone Plus for 6 months to a year.



    I’ve been taking Livatone Plus Powder for a few months the swelling of my stomach due to A fatty liver has reduced dramatically my face is no longer oily my acne has disappeared I have so much more energy. I now walk daily and have regular bowel movements. I’ve tried the capsules and do not feel the same effect I recommend the powder mixed with water twice a day before breakfast and dinner and yes I’ve lost weight also.



    I have been taking this product for several years, I came across this site and noticed that the ingredients listed here differ from those on my bottle (plus 240) Selenium for example is not and has never been in the product I purchase