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The Live Lean for Life program is a natural weight loss plan that helps dieters fight off the urge to eat comfort foods and high calorie foods. There is an official website for the program, but aside from some basic information offered on the front page, no other information is available unless the dieter logs in. There is no link to sign up for a username and password, so dieters may be confused about how to start the program.

List of Ingredients

Natural weight loss eating plan.

Product Features

The overview of the program tells the dieter that Live Lean for Life is about taking control of eating despite old habits that push dieters to eat bad foods or high calorie meals. Diet pills, support groups and books are all listed as ways dieters may have tried to lose weight to no avail. Food cravings are listed as the main problem with weight loss with connections to emotional changes and depression or sadness.

There are several reports online from customers ordering diet supplements and receiving a free membership to Live Lean for Life. The free membership, even when not accepted or used, then converted to a charge on the consumer’s credit card for a membership. The membership cost of $24.95 appeared on the credit card statement without the approval of the dieter.

There are plenty of online resources for diet menus and weight loss plans that are free of charge. These will likely offer the same advice as the Live Lean for Life website, but the consumer will not truly know what the website is offering without a membership and there is no mention of where or how to order the membership on the official website.

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  • There is an official website for Live Lean for Life.


  • No detailed information is published about the program.
  • No membership details are given from the website front page.
  • Dieters have no idea how to purchase a membership to Live Lean for Life.
  • Consumer complaints note charges on credit cards for a membership they never ordered.


It is a bad business practice to charge a consumer for a membership to a website they have never used nor ever attempted to use. Dieters have many options for supplements and online diet information. The Live Lean for Life website does not give consumers enough information about the program to make an educated choice to purchase a membership.

We suggest choosing a healthy weight loss menu and exercise program for weight loss. Combining these with a proven weight loss supplement is the only proven way to lose weight and keep it off. If the creators of the Live Lean for Life program wanted to truly change the weight loss dynamic, they would offer more information about the program and a means of purchasing a membership for dieters.

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