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LiveLong Nutrition is a nutritional supplement company that was founded in 2008. The company goal is to bring bulk supplements to a broad market for easy access. This allows the consumer to create their mix of supplements and dosages with their specific needs in mind. LiveLong Nutrition offers product categories including adaptogens, antioxidants, fat burners, flavor systems, heart health, and sexual health. Their products are available online specifically at but are also available at retail locations.


Not applicable. LiveLong Nutrition products ingredients are fully disclosed on the corporate website.

Product Features

LiveLong Nutrition was founded in 2008 to bring bulk supplements to a larger market of consumers for easy access. This allows the consumer to select how much of each supplement they want to take without concern for what other ingredients are in the supplements. The company offers products in the following categories: Adaptogens, Antioxidants, Fat Burners, Flavor Systems, Heart Health, and Sexual Health. Adaptogen products include Na-R-Ala, Tyramine, and Rhodiola. Antioxidants include CLA, Green Tea 50, Na-R-Ala, Chocamine, Pomegranate, and Resveratrol. Fat Burners include CLA, Green Tea 50, Na-R-Ala, Caffeine Anhydrous, Chocamine, Tyramine, Raspberry Ketones, Fenugreek, and Rhodiola. The heart health product is Pomegranate. The Sexual Health products are Fenugreek and Icariin 50. Each of these products has a full disclosure of ingredients and warnings on the corporate website. Some of the products fall into several categories because they have several uses and benefits.

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  • LiveLong Nutrition has a dedicated website.
  • LiveLong Nutrition fully discloses the ingredients for their products.


  • LiveLong Nutrition sells in bulk, which requires the consumer to know what they want to take and how much.
  • LiveLong Nutrition products cannot be purchased on the corporate website.
  • LiveLong Nutrition does not offer clinical testimonials on the website.


LiveLong Nutrition was established in 2008 to provide consumers access to bulk, single ingredient supplements. The company offers products in categories and several products cross several categories. The products that cross categories are beneficial for more than one purpose. This method of supplements requires the consumer to decide which supplement and how much to take based on their own needs, requiring the consumer to do their homework. The ingredients and warnings for each product are clearly disclosed on the website. However, there are no clinical trials published for any of the products, proving their safety and effectiveness. The products cannot be purchased directly from the corporate website, however the consumer is directed to the website to purchase. LiveLong Nutrition does not make specific claims on the benefits of each product, and does not give the consumer direction on how much of the product to take for specific benefits. Consumers new to nutritional supplements should select products that are formulated and dosed with multiple ingredients to ensure safety, effectiveness and to achieve the desired benefits.

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