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Live Smart Solutions is the limited liability company behind The Diet Solution. There does not seem to be an official website for the company, but contact information is provided in the terms and service for The Diet Solution. According to the information on the Diet Solution website, Live Smart Solutions helps dieters lose weight with practical changes like eating more food and staying away from trendy diet choices like low carbohydrate and low fat.

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Weight loss solutions.

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While there is little information on the Live Smart Solutions company, there is a bit of information about The Diet Solution program supported by the company. The official website for the weight loss program dispels the myths about weight loss such as limited carbohydrates and choosing to count every calorie. Many weight loss programs claim to provide an easy solution to weight loss that does not require hard work and countless hours looking up nutritional facts about food and meals so The Diet Solution program by Live Smart Solutions is no different.

Behind The Diet Solution program be Live Smart Solutions is Isabel de Rios. Isabel is a certified nutritionist and gym owner. There is no mention of whether or not she is also the owner of Live Smart Solutions. The biography for this certified nutritionist is strong with links to Rutgers University and the National Strength and Conditioning Association. There is little doubt about her education, but the program is not unique enough for the money the dieter is expected to pay for more information. Dieters will be charged $47 to purchase The Diet Solution which is delivered as an eBook. We assume access to web features will also be included with this purchase though this is not strictly listed as a benefit.

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  • Information on weight loss and dieting are published on the website free.
  • Recipes are free to view online.
  • No calorie counting.


  • Recipes do not include nutritional information.
  • The cost of the eBook is higher than other programs.
  • Live Smart Solutions may or may not have other products they support.


The Diet Solution program by Live Smart Solutions is backed with a strong research and a certified nutritionist. There is no doubt the information provided in the eBook will promote weight loss, but at $47 we doubt that information is different from many free weight loss sources online. There is no mention of taking supplements to boost weight loss, but we believe that to be the key to regulating hunger and boosting metabolism. Anyone can eat well, but working out is also essential and Live Smart Solutions product The Diet Solution program does not mention exercise despite the fact that the founder owns a personal gym.

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4 User Reviews about Live Smart Solutions

  • 1
    Paige Johnson

    Please do not support Diet Solution or LiveSmart Solutions. I too ordered the program and never received anything and they never returned my 25 e-mails! The compney now has a new address in S.C. instead of NY. I reported them to the BBB. Please do not make the same mistake as many of us have. They will not contact you or get back to you and there is no phone number to contact them. Diferent company, same Isabel!!! beware!


  • 2
    Laurie Wozniak

    How can I just buy the big book? And how much is it? Your on-line program used to be just $29.95


  • 3

    Ordered program books credit card was billed NEVER received books or response from Live Smart Solutions. Appears to be a SCAM!!


  • 4
    Lowell Graves

    How good is Live Smart Solutions for loosing weight and keeping it off?