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What You Should Know

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Liver Longer is a product from ThermoLife International. The supplement is not designed for average liver support. When bodybuilders take strong prohormones or steroids, the liver can be damaged along the way. Liver Longer is designed to promote liver function. At no point in the description is there a statement that reads the supplement will reverse liver damage. Using steroids can cause permanent damage to the liver and there is no over the counter supplement available to reverse some levels of damage. Liver Longer mentions taking steroids over the counter, but there are no over the counter steroids. Steroids are illegal without a prescription, though some black market steroids are still available.

List of Ingredients

Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid.

Product Features

What makes Liver Longer such a strong supplement? According to ThermoLife International, the sole ingredient in the formula is a taurine conjugate. For the laymen, this doesn’t mean much, but the company goes on to explain that this conjugate supports bile function and stops glucuronides from building up in the liver.

Most dieters don’t have a reason to take a supplement like Liver Longer. There are no benefits associated with the ingredients that lead us to believe the dieter would lose weight taking this supplement, but if liver function is impaired and the company is passing along true information, this supplement could help. However, dieters need to talk with their physician before taking this supplement or any other supplement for liver health if a liver condition exists.

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  • Liver Longer is available online through several vitamin and supplement shops.
  • The sole ingredient is listed in the product description.
  • May support liver function.
  • May work as a PCT after taking a prohormone.


  • No clinical studies are listed to support the claims.
  • Prohormones and steroids can cause permanent liver damage.
  • May have no effect on some forms of liver damage.
  • May not prevent liver damage while using steroids or prohormones.
  • May not be fully tested for use in humans.


Liver Longer may be a viable option for bodybuilders. There are so many supplements on the market that contain methylated ingredients that liver damage is constantly a risk. Liver Longer contains just one ingredient and it is not an ingredient used in alternative medicine. Most liver support supplements will contain milk thistle and other common ingredients, but that does not mean this supplement will not work as claimed. The company does not list any clinical studies, so the bodybuilder must go out and look for support before taking a supplement their liver function depends on.

Dieters will gain no benefit from taking this supplement. It does not increase metabolism or weight loss.

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