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Liver Milk is designed for athletes taking supplements to improve performance, but the product description also suggests the supplement to people who drink alcohol on a regular basis. The formula is designed to detox the liver to improve liver health and minimize the impact of supplements and alcohol on liver function. A complete list of ingredients is available for Liver Milk with a description of each ingredient and benefits that ingredient offers the user. There are no clinical studies or outside references supporting these claims.

We found the supplement for sale online from several vitamin shops. There is also an official website for Anabolic Designs, the creator of Liver Milk. Dieters taking fat burners and other comparable supplements may not need to detox the liver. There is one ingredient in the formula that may improve weight loss, but clinical studies on that ingredient are still underway.

List of Ingredients

Milk Thistle, N-Acetyl Cysteine, Turmeric, Bupleurum Root Extract, Dandelion Root, Artichoke Extract, Schizandra Fruit and White Peony.

Product Features

The three important ingredients in Liver Milk are milk thistle, turmeric and dandelion root. Milk thistle is the most common liver detox ingredient on the market. Milk thistle pulls toxins from the liver and dandelion root washes those toxins out of the body. Dandelion root is a diuretic that increases kidney function and urination. If a dieter or athlete is taking a prescription diuretic, taking dandelion root is not considered safe. Diuretic use should be approved by a physician if there are any underlying health conditions that may affect kidney function.

Turmeric is an exciting ingredient currently undergoing clinical testing for use as a weight loss aid. It is a spice, but the amount needed to boost weight loss may be more than the average dieter would include in a meal.

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  • Anabolic Designs offers an official website with information on Liver Milk.
  • The supplement may help detox and cleanse the liver.
  • All ingredients are listed online.
  • Turmeric may promote weight loss.


  • Dandelion root is not safe for all dieters.
  • This supplement may cause dehydration.
  • None of the ingredients are clinically proven to boost metabolism.
  • The supplement is not designed for the average dieter.
  • May not prevent liver damage if the user is an alcoholic.


This is the first supplement for liver detox we have reviewed that suggested people take the supplement if they drink alcohol regularly. Milk thistle has a rich history in alternative medicine, but we are unsure if that history proves the ingredient beneficial for preventing liver damage with regular alcohol use. The average dieter does not take supplements that affect the liver, so Liver Milk is not necessary in this case.

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