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Have you ever wanted the power and resilience of an athlete like Lance Armstrong in your home gym? Livestrong Fitness sells home fitness equipment built with commercial quality and sold for less than commercial prices. Livestrong Fitness is associated with the Livestrong website. The company sells treadmills, ellipticals and exercises bikes to improve personal fitness. When combined with a healthy eating plan, the machines can help a dieter shed more weight and achieve that lean physique they are looking for, but using home fitness equipment requires dedication and daily use.

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Livestrong fitness equipment for home use.

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There are hundreds of fitness companies out there selling home fitness equipment. Some offer inexpensive versions of commercial pieces that tend to break easily. Others sell commercial quality equipment for a price no dieter can afford. Livestrong Fitness combines the two, offering commercial quality machines for less than commercial prices. However, the prices listed for Livestrong Fitness equipment are much more expensive than many dieters can afford.

Take the Livestrong LS13.0E Elliptical into consideration. The unit originally sells for $2000, but the sale price is $1299. The buyer is offered free in-home delivery, but set-up is not included. An exercise mat also comes with the order at no charge. The unit has a long list of features, including contact grips, 20 resistance levels and a maximum weight of 350 pounds. The price is much higher than a typical home elliptical, but the features and SixStar Certified frame mean the dieter gets more bang for the fitness buck.

We do like the fact that Livestrong Fitness ships all machines free. Buyers may have to pay sales tax in some states, but that is to be expected from any fitness company. The machines are well-built, so the buyer does not have to worry about the fitness equipment breaking down after only a few uses.


Many options for fitness equipment.

Prices are less than commercial grade equipment.

Sold with the Livestrong name and reputation.

Models are feature heavy and tend to carry heavier users.


Too expensive for most dieters.

No mention of healthy eating plan to promote weight loss.

Free shipping does not include free assembly.


Working out is an important part of losing weight. The dieter needs to burn calories and tone muscle for a slimmer, svelte body. Livestrong Fitness offers a solution to home workout needs, but that solution is expensive. Dieters can join a local gym for years paying the same price as one piece of Livestrong Fitness equipment. We suggest dieters take a look at their weight loss goals, both long-term and short-term to decide whether or not the increased price is worth the money.

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