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Living Lean is a firm that provides diet and fitness advice from experts. It is headed by fitness expert Sandra Blackie, who started the program after her professional body building career ended.

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Product Features

The Living Lean program allows people to engage in a program for $425 for a 12 week program that includes exercise consultations, cookbooks, phone support, and diagnostic testing. For an unnamed fee, you can have an expert go grocery shopping with you.

The Living Lean program experts lead people through three different levels of fitness: aerobics, weight training, and nutrition. These three areas are spread across five different levels: novice, intermediate, advanced, competitive, and pre-contest. Meal plans and exercise plans are created for you based on your availability, health, and preference.

The Living Lean website provides plenty of wonderful information on Sandra Blackie, and the Living Lean program. It is a great source of answers for those who are interested in the program.

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  • Supplements are not required.
  • Recommends diet and exercise as the primary way to lose weight.


  • Only available in San Diego, California.
  • Focuses more on building additional muscle than losing excess fat.
  • Very expensive program in the long run.


For the residents of the San Diego area, this is an excellent option and should work wonders. For people in other locales who need to or want to lose weight, there are ways you can do it. Change your eating habits to include more fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Include aerobic and strength training exercises, and be sure to drink plenty of water. If you choose to use a weight loss supplement to help you along the way, you need to make sure that you have something that includes proven appetite suppressants and fat burners. You can spend the money on the program fee on a gym membership and a nutritional consultation, and if you do not have the kind of money to spend on the program, there are plenty of other cost effective options regardless of budget.

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    I have a charge on my credit card for living lean 8001. do you have a number where I can contact you. I did not order or recieve any product from your company.