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The Living Lean Smoothie is a meal replacement shake designed to help the dieter shed more pounds. The official website asks the visitor to log in when they are ready to learn more about the Living Lean Smoothie plan, but there is no information about why the dieter must log in. There is no information on the website about the smoothies, ingredients or weight loss benefits. We did find more information on the Living Lean Smoothie from outside websites.

List of Ingredients

Whey Protein, Apple Pectin, Oat Bran, Flax Seed, Glucomannan, Soy Lecithin, Probiotics, Fruit Blend, Vegetable Blend, Hoodia, Garcinia Cambogia, Papain and Bromelain.

Product Features

The ingredient list for Living Lean Smoothies reads more like a weight loss supplement than a smoothie. Hoodia is an appetite suppressant that claims to trick the brain into thinking the stomach is full. Clinical studies have proven the active ingredient in Hoodia, P 57, metabolizes before any signal can reach the brain. This means the ingredient does not curb appetite.

Garcinia cambogia is a fat burning ingredient that may be linked to negative side effects. The ingredient was generally considered safe until one dieter taking a supplement with garcinia cambogia reported liver damage. The FDA asked the offending supplement company to pull products from the market and they did. The products were discontinued, but new products were released. None of the new products contained garcinia cambogia.

Apple pectin, oat bran, flax seed and glucomannan are all healthy sources of fiber. Fiber slows the digestive process, leaving the dieter feeling fuller faster. This does not mean it helps the dieter choose healthier foods or consume fewer calories. Many supplement manufacturers rely on fiber as the main appetite suppressant, but it only suppresses appetite volume.

Whey protein is a healthy, lean protein that may help reduce caloric intake. If the Living Lean Smoothie is consumed as a meal replacement, chances are the dieter will feel less hungry between meals. Drinking meals, however, leaves the dieter with an empty hole in the stomach and a desire for food they can chew.

The website gives the dieter full accesses to a weight management plan, but the details are hidden from the visitor. We have no idea how much access to the website or the Living Lean Smoothie costs.

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  • May help the dieter consume fewer calories.
  • May help suppress appetite or hunger.


  • Fiber does not help the dieter choose healthy foods.
  • There is no information on price or website access.


Living Lean Smoothie is a weight loss supplement in meal replacement form. The dieter should beware of garcinia cambogia and Hoodia is not an effective ingredient. Without pricing information, the dieter has no idea how much the shakes cost.

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