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Living Well Health Master is a blender that works to emulsify fruit and vegetables. The premium blender is promoted by Montel Williams, television celebrity. After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Williams started juicing and blending for better health. Offered with the Living Well Health Master is a free, complimentary membership to the Montel Williams recipe club. The recipe club offers 30 recipes sent to your home every 30 days for just $10 shipping and handling.

List of Ingredients

High-end blender and emulsifier.

Product Features

An emulsifier is a bit different than a blender though, typically, the emulsifier can be used as a blender as well. When fruits and vegetables are placed in the Living Well Health Master they can be pureed into a smooth, silky sauce for use in recipes or as snacks. The idea is to eat as many foods as possible in their natural state. Many dieters choose to buy a high-end blender when starting a smoothie diet like the Green Smoothie Diet.

There is no proof that this blender will work longer or better than blenders found in a typical retail store. There is, however, proof that the Living Well Health Master will set the dieter back more than $200. That is 4 times the price of a typically, higher-end blender. Upkeep is also expensive when using the Living Well Health Master. A replacement pitcher costs $50 and a replacement lid costs $10.

The Living Well Health Master is offered with a lifetime motor guarantee. If the motor were to quit at any time, the company would replace it free of charge. The only testimonials with pictures on the official website for the Living Well Health Master is from a user who lost weight. At no place on the website could be find any information about using the blender for weight loss, yet this testimonial is prominent on the review page.

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  • Blending fruits and vegetables is a healthy way to consume your daily requirement.
  • Dieters can increase total vegetable intake easily.


  • The blender is too expensive.
  • Most people would not have time to blend every day.
  • There is no mention about the noise level when using the blender.
  • Having a celebrity as a spokesperson does not guarantee the blender will work better.


We love the idea of blending for better health, but the Living Well Health Master is priced far higher than other blenders and may not be a good return on investment for many dieters. It may be better to buy a cheaper blender and try out blending before paying the high cost of the Living Well Health Master. Dieters should be careful when blending because they could consume increased calories from blended fruits.

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2 User Reviews about Living Well Health Master

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    Clarence Ward

    I loved the machine while it worked but then it smoked snd that was it , I was shocked for $250.00 I felt real bad.


  • 2

    I have had my healthmaster pro for one year and this will be the second time I am returning it. Although it sounds like a jet taking off when you use it, I must admit it certainly does work well (when it works). Because the motor has such a long warranty, if it stops working you just send it back w/ $30 to pay for them shipping you another base. I am 50/50 on my opinion here as the product rocks but when it stops working after just a year and you have to pay to ship it to them and then include payment for shipping costs back to you for a product you already paid 254.00 dollars for………it’s not the greatest deal on the planet. That equates to approx $55-60 a year just to own the thing. Take it for what you will but that’s where I stand.