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There are some dietary supplements that promise to make you healthier, slimmer, and allow you to live longer. Typically these formulations contain antioxidants and vitamins, which are healthy for the body. There is often a key ingredient or two that is supposed to make the product special as well. Lixir is the formula we are scrutinizing in this review. It is available for around $45 per bottle, but can also be purchased in bulk at a lower rate. This formula is okay for women and men, and it comes with a 15-day return guarantee.


  • Resveratrol
  • Grape Seed Extract

Product Features

Lixir is a unique and interesting formula that is supposed to help improve your health, provide antioxidant protection from free radical damage, reduce toxins in the body, minimize signs of aging, and possibly aid with weight loss. This supplement contains natural ingredients, such as fruit extracts, which can benefit your skin and overall appearance. There are no side effects mentioned for Lixir, and no customer reviews or testimonials were found to support this formula.

Only two key ingredients were addressed for Lixir. These are Resveratrol and Grape Seed Extract. Resveratrol aims to assist with health and youthfulness. It contains antioxidants that combat free radical damage. This natural extract has become quite popular over the years, and it comes from grapes. As for Grape Seed Extract, it also contains antioxidants, and may help flush toxins and impurities out of the body. As for weight loss, there are no special ingredients mentioned, which makes it unclear how Lixir can aid with weight reduction. There is no specific diet recommended with this formula, and no lifestyle change is mentioned.

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  • The ingredients used in Lixir are natural fruit extracts.
  • This formula contains plenty of antioxidant protection.


  • One bottle of Lixir will cost you $45, which is pricey.
  • There are no proven weight loss ingredients used in this supplement.
  • You can simply drink natural juice or eat fruit to get ample antioxidants.
  • This product is only backed by a 15-day guarantee.


Put simply, there are countless supplements going around these days that are very similar to Lixir. This product is basically a health formula that is supposed to boost youthfulness, vitality, and overall wellness. However, you can get the same benefits from eating plenty of fresh fruit, and drinking juice on a daily basis. In other words, eating a healthy diet can do the same for you as Lixir, if not better. On a separate note, Lixir does not contain any key ingredients to assist with weight loss or weight management. So, this product is not a good choice if you are striving to shed excess body fat.

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