Lo-Carb Monster Energy Review

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At some point or another, you might turn to an energy drink to help improve your focus and ignite your endurance levels, so you can get through a long day or workout session. After all, these beverages and shots are readily available in countless stores across America. Each year, a few new energy drinks emerge, and typically make new promises. Take Lo-Carb Monster Energy, for instance. This is one of numerous beverages offered in the Monster line, and like the others, it sells for $1.99 per can (16 ounces). This is actually two servings. Unlike many other energy drinks, Lo-Carb Monster Energy is supposed to give you the boost, but without the numerous carbohydrates.


  • Caffeine
  • Panax Ginseng 200mg
  • Guarana Extract
  • Glucoronolactone
  • B Vitamins
  • L-Carnitine 1000mg

Product Features

Lo-Carb Monster Energy will potentially increase your energy levels, improve your focus, and help you function more effectively. You will not have any difficulty finding this energy drink in local convenient stores. On a separate note, this beverage is not really intended to suppress hunger or encourage fat loss. However, it can be consumed prior to a workout in order to increase energy. There are plenty of customer reviews posted online for the Lo-Carb Monster Energy drink.

There is 160 milligrams of Caffeine in a single can of Lo-Carb Monster Energy. This is incorporated to give you the energy jolt, and improve overall alertness. Glucoronolactone also helps with alertness and focus, while Panax Ginseng reduces fatigue. B Vitamins improve endurance and energy levels, and L-Carnitine assists the muscles to improve strength. This beverage contains10 calories and three grams of carbohydrates per serving.

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  • This canned beverage is certainly easy to find in local stores.
  • Lo-Carb Monster Energy contains L-Carnitine to improve your strength.
  • This energy drink offers B Vitamins and Ginseng.


  • This energy beverage contains 180 milligrams of sodium per serving.
  • The carbohydrates in this drink come from sugar.
  • The caffeine found in Lo-Carb Monster Energy may cause some side effects.
  • These energy drinks and shots often become addictive.
  • You might experience a crash a few hours after drinking this beverage.


You should consider the amount of caffeine you want to consume in a day’s time. After all, coffee, energy drinks, chocolate, espresso, and many teas all contain caffeine. In other words, you should try and keep track of the levels of caffeine you consume, because too much is not healthy. As for the Lo-Carb Monster Energy drink, this beverage will probably give you an energy boost, and it may help you focus on work tasks or other daily chores, but remember that these beverages can be addictive as well.

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