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The term long tea often refers to Wu Long Tea or Oolong Tea in the weight loss industry. This fat burning tea is used in many Chinese herbal weight loss supplements to boost weight loss naturally without the harmful side effects commonly associated with other stimulants. Just because an ingredient claims to boost metabolism does not mean science has proven these claims with clinical studies and research.

Wu Long Tea is sold through various online websites for home brewing. Many of these websites claim Wu Long Tea can clear skin, burn more than two times the calories than standard green tea and reduce the effect of carbohydrates in the body. Rarely do any retailers offer proof of these claims.

List of Ingredients

Tea historically grown on the Wuyi Mountain.

Product Features

Wu Long Tea is commonly prepared with hot, not boiling, water and steeped for three to four minutes. The tea is oxidized between green and black giving it a unique taste and aftertaste. Research studies proving Wu Long Tea is more effective than green tea at increasing weight loss is referred to often, but we could find no published studies that mirrored these claims. One website specifically stated a study was performed by the Suntory Research Facility in Osaka, Japan. The study proved Wu Long Tea prevented a rise in insulin levels after eating foods high in carbohydrates, which could theoretically decrease hunger. The Suntory Research website refers to several products they have developed based upon scientific research, including several oolong tea based products, but there are no links to the results of the clinical trials.

Wu Long Tea is a strong anti-oxidant as is the case with all varieties of green tea. Anti-oxidants help to reduce the signs of aging and heal the effects of free radicals. This can have an indirect effect on weight loss, but no more than traditional green tea.

Wu Long Tea sells for $7 to $20 with bulk orders costing up to $300. Green tea purchased in supplement form will likely have a higher concentration of ECGC and other natural fat boosting chemicals that may be more effective at increasing metabolism.

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  • Green tea and wu long tea could increase weight loss.
  • Wu long tea is a type of green tea.


  • Prices vary widely based on manufacturer and retailer.
  • Wu long tea is described as being two times more effective than green tea, but the benefits are not proven with clinical studies.


Green tea, in all varieties, is proven to increase metabolism and offer many health benefits. Wu long tea manufacturers claim this product from the Wuyi Mountain will benefit a dieter even more than green tea and thus increase the price accordingly, but without proof, we will stick with green tea.

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