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Arena Pharmaceuticals is the creator of Lorcaserin. The prescription weight loss medication has been linked to tumors in rats and negligible weight loss. The drug was denied for approval by the Food and Drug Administration in December 2010. The administration cited an increased risk of cancer as one of the reasons for denial. In addition to potential health concerns, clinical trials showed patients regained the weight lost while taking the supplement as soon as the trial was over.

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Arena Pharmaceuticals put all their financial eggs into one basket when they created Lorcaserin. The trade name for the drug is Lorqess. As of January 2011, Arena Pharmaceuticals announced 25% of the company jobs in the United States would be cut to save money for further testing on the drug as requested by the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA denied approval for the weight loss drug after reports of tumors in rats developed after taking Lorcaserin.

According to product information, Lorcaserin works by limiting appetite. There are several prescription medications for weight loss that work in the same manner, but the medications passed FDA approval. Arena Pharmaceuticals reported fewer potential side effects compared to other weight loss medications available on the market, but the side effects linked to the drug are more serious than comparable medications.

During one animal trial, Lorcaserin produced tumors in rats. It is this study that flagged the product for denial by the FDA. In addition, human studies showed dieters regained weight they lost during the study more quickly after they stopped taking the medication.

Arena Pharmaceuticals must now conduct additional clinical testing to prove to the FDA that the medication is safe for human consumption and that the risk of cancer is minimal. No matter what the effects of future studies, Lorcaserin will always be associated with increased cancer risk. This is an undeniable reason for dieters to skip Lorcaserin and work with proven weight loss supplements proven to increase weight loss naturally and risk-free.

Lorcaserin, if approved by the FDA, will be available by prescription only. If Arena Pharmaceuticals is unable to prove the medication safe, it will not be approved by the FDA.

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  • Will decrease hunger.
  • Leads to weight loss in human studies.


  • Increased risk of cancer.
  • First application denied by the FDA.


Arena Pharmaceuticals has a lot of work to do to convince the FDA that Lorcaserin can be used by humans without increased cancer risk. With a 25% reduction in their United States workforce, Arena Pharmaceuticals is financially behind this medication with everything the company has. We will have to continue watching this medication to see whether or not future trials are less dangerous. A new application is expected to be presented to the FDA in late 2011 or early 2012.

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