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James Zeta lost 18 pounds in 4 days and thanks to his website, so can every other dieter. The Lose 18 Lbs in 4 Days diet consists of chicken, beef, fruits and vegetables. There are testimonials and pictures from dieters who have lost large amounts of weight following the plan. The dieter not only receives the 4 day guide to weight loss, but a maintenance plan to keep the weight off for good. There are no details about the diet plan and no mention of exercise. The official website sells the Lose 18 Lbs in 4 Days diet with a 30 day guarantee. If the dieter is not fully satisfied with the plan, they receive a full refund.

List of Ingredients

4 day eating plan to lose up to 20 pounds.

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Dieters looking for a quick fix often jump at diets like the Lose 18 Lbs in 4 Days plan. Who wouldn’t want to shed nearly 20 pounds in less than one week, but there is a problem with this theory. Aside from water loss, which can account for up to 10 pounds of weight loss in the first few days on a new diet, fat loss and permanent weight loss requires burning more calories than the dieter consumes. If the dieter were to lose 10 pounds of water weight, the remaining 8 pounds of weight loss would require burning 28,000 calories in excess of what the body needs for normal function. There are no exercise plans or diet menus in the world that cause that kind of calorie deficit.

Without a lot of information, we assume the foods consumed on the Lose 18 Lbs in 4 Days diet have a diuretic and laxative effect. This would account for such high weight loss numbers in a short amount of time. However, when the dieter starts eating real food again or normal portion sizes, some of the weight will come back.

The Lose 18 Lbs in 4 Days diet plan costs $27. It is delivered virtually so the dieter needs to wait only a few minutes after the order for delivery of the text.

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  • May help a dieter choose healthy foods for weight loss.
  • Testimonials show dieters losing weight.
  • The text is compatible with smartphones.


  • The diet cannot cause 18 pounds of permanent weight loss in just 4 days.
  • Most of the weight lost will be water weight.


Lose 18 Lbs in 4 Days is another scam diet plan with no real information on the official website. We know a few of the foods included in the diet, but we have no idea about portion sizes or exercise plans. It is unlikely the dieter will lose 18 pounds.

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