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Lose Weight Systems is a weight loss company that has been linked to AdiposeRX and Caralluma Extreme. These weight loss pills were evidently sold through a Lose Weight Systems website at some point, but that website is no longer working. The weight loss products no longer have a working website either. Consumer complaints link Lose Weight Systems to fraudulent credit card charges for products dieters did not order.

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AdiposeRX: Unknown

Caralluma Extreme: Unknown

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Lose Weight Systems appears to be a company that never really existed. According to several claims by the Better Business Bureau, no physical address could be found for the company. Complaints started coming in after charges were being made to credit cards for weight loss products like AdiposeRX and Caralluma Extreme without any order being placed. There is also a reference to an acai berry weight loss product promoted by Lose Weight Systems.

The consumer fraud reports are generally the same across the board. Consumers receive notification of credit card statements around the $35 mark without ever having placed an order. There is no official website to research the products for which the consumers were ordered. Customers also claim the customer service phone number listed for Lose Weight Systems does not connect to a customer service department. No calls were returned to consumers trying to receive a refund or inquire about how the company got a hold on the credit card information. There are a few cases when customers ordered the product from a website only to have the credit card charged multiple times without receiving any product at all.

Due to the lack of website and huge list of negative reports, we can only tell dieters to stay away from weight loss supplements sold by companies that are not trusted in the industry. The Better Business Bureau is a great place to research information on past claims and fraudulent reports.

The cost of products by the Lose Weight Systems company seem to fall around $35 plus shipping and handling.

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  • None.


  • No consumer website.
  • Reports of fraudulent credit card charges.
  • Products are not delivered to dieters.
  • No customer service department.
  • Lose Weight Systems is not a verifiable company.


With millions of people looking for weight loss supplements to help them lose weight, Lose Weight Systems may have offered two or more supplements that were worthy of a try, but those supplements are overshadowed by the negative business practices of the company. Before ordering any product, call the customer service number listed on the official website and speak to a person regarding the company and company practices. Ask questions about the product and listen to the representative’s reaction. Good customer service is often linked to a trustworthy company.

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