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Weight loss secret is what every dieter is looking for. Whether it be from a new supplement or weight loss secret diet, there is always a movement toward being healthier and happier through weight loss. Unfortunately, with obesity numbers rising, more and more manufacturers in the nutraceutical marketing are taking advantages of dieters and producing unproven weight loss products and marketed them as the next big trend. Dieters can find effected weight loss secret tricks, tips and herbs with a little guidance.

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When trying to find a weight loss secret in supplement form, dieters should look for products with several characteristics. The product should contain proven ingredients, clinical support and testimonials with before and after pictures.

Proven ingredients are rare, but green tea and chromium are two we look for in every dietary supplement. Green tea works to increase natural thermogenics. Basically, it increases heart rate to increase metabolism. The effect is mild enough not to cause jitters or nausea commonly associated with stimulants, but effective enough to be proven in clinical research to improve weight loss.

Clinical research is published online through free and for pay medical journals. Free journals often offer just enough study information to provide support for a weight loss supplement or ingredient. Educational search engines like PubMed.gov can link dieters with current, on-going and completed studies for many natural ingredients.

Testimonials may be the most important weight loss secret. When dieters have tried a weight loss supplement and lost weight, they want to shout it from the rooftops and often contact the supplement company to provide a testimonial. Without before and after photos, how is the dieter supposed to believe the weight loss claims are real? If a weight loss supplement offers pictures of weight loss, they are dedicated to providing the best information to their consumers.

Another huge weight loss secret is the free trial. A dieter can take advantage of a free trial to try out a supplement to make sure there are no jitters or shakes associated with taking the supplement. Commonly, free trials are associated with auto-ship programs that charge the credit card if the trial is not returned. Dieters need to read the fine print and all thousands pages of the terms of service to make sure they will not be charged unknowingly.

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  • Some weight loss secret tips can improve weight loss experiences.


  • None.


Not every weight loss secret is proven equal. Some companies will make huge claims like losing ten pounds in three days, but these are based on ineffective supplements packed with diuretics and stimulants in most cases. True, long-standing companies will not promise unreal weight loss results and that is the most important weight loss secret of all.

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