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The Lotte Berk Method is an exercise program that mixes isometric exercises and orthopedic back exercises which are all followed by yoga-like stretches. It is not very hard to follow and includes modifications for those who may be less flexible or who have less experience with exercise in general. It’s safe for those who are just starting out with an exercise program. The moves can also be made harder after you get better by watching the more advanced trainer.

Each dvd is 30 minutes long and includes lots of bonus features, including a bonus short workout and previews for upcoming dvds. The workouts each start out similarly, with about 7 minutes of warm up exercises, consisting of knee lifts, pushups, and tricep push ups. For the rest of the workout, a barre, chair, table or wall are used for stability. Each move consists of small, concentrated movements designed to focus intensely on a specific area. The exercises are divided up by body part and depend on the muscle from that particular disc focuses on. The workout includes moves that condition the whole body, including moves that are similar to yoga stretches and ballet-type moves.

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Product Features

The Lotte Berk Method 4 disc set includes Basic Essentials, Hip Hugger Abs, Muscle Eats Fat and High Round Assets. It costs around $80 dollars for the entire set. It requires the use of light hand weights and an exercise mat. Although there are barre exercises, a chair, wall, or other sturdy item can be used instead.

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  • Easy to customize to make it easier or harder based on your fitness level.
  • Little extra equipment required.
  • Works out all major muscle groups.


  • Does not include cardio exercises.
  • Requires a dvd player and tv.
  • May only be beneficial for those who are just beginning and not already in shape.


The Lotte Berk Method works the whole body using a combination of stretching and strengthening exercises. Since the set contains a workout designed for each muscle group, the entire body can be toned and shaped using the entire set of dvd programs. The method may be best for those who are just starting out, as those who are already in shape may not find it challenging enough. It is also important to note that this program doesn’t contain exercises that are strictly cardio, however, beginners may be out of breath for the first few sessions. The system is designed for you to grow with it as you get better. There are modifications available for those who have knee problems and for those who need more or less of an exercise challenge.

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