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Lovaza is an FDA-approved drug to help reduce high triglyceride count, which are contributing factors to heart disease and stroke. Lovaza is typically prescribed to dieters who want to lower these levels that cannot be naturally obtained through diet, and there is evidence it may substantially lower those levels. Dieters probably know Lovaza by its alternate name, Fish Oil, but Lovaza is a modified version of this supplement. Lovaza is currently available through prescription, and is currently the only way to obtain this supplement.

When diet and exercise are not enough, lowering high triglyceride levels through a supplement may be one option considered. Lovaza tends to differ from other supplements because it is FDA-approved, meaning its benefits have been substantially proven by rigorous scientific studies. Lovaza may not be appropriate for everyone.


Lovaza is an Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid, commonly called Fish Oil.

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Lovaza is essentially a modified type of Fish Oil that is medically proven to lower high triglyceride levels, which may lessen the chances of developing heart disease. Lovaza differs from natural Fish Oil because it said to be more pure and goes through a lengthy process to remove mercury and toxins naturally present in the supplement. This is why proponents of Lovaza say it is a safer and more effective alternative to Fish Oil, which may still contain traces of Mercury.

According to evidence reported by the FDA, Lovaza absorbs inside the body and attacks the chemicals that cause high triglycerides. In most cases high triglyceride count lowered at a significant rate, but Lovaza does state that individual results may vary. Like any FDA-approved drug, however, it does come with a list of side effects, including back pain, upset stomach, and skin rash. Dieters with diabetes or a thyroid disorder may also not be eligible for this drug, due to how it interacts with these conditions.

It is vitally important to state that Lovaza is mainly prescribed to consumers already dieting to lower high triglyceride levels, and deviating from the diet or consuming high fat substances may interact negatively with the medication.

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  • Is an FDA-approved drug for the treatment of high triglyceride levels.
  • Is a natural drug derived from Fish Oil.


  • Is not used to help consumers lose weight. It only used to aid issues related to weight loss.
  • May contain unpleasant side effects, such as back pain and upset stomach.
  • Is only attainable through a doctor’s prescription.


For those dieting to improve their health and lower the risk of developing heart disease, sometimes drugs are an appropriate measure to help lower those levels. Lovaza is an FDA-approved drug that is medically approved to treat high triglyceride levels (a leading cause of heart disease), but it may not be appropriate for all dieters, due to its side effects and negative interaction with some conditions.

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  • 1
    Ben J.

    You have to diet on Lovaza. Take olive oil pills which contain Omega 9. Yes, Omega 9. Lovaza is proven to not contain mercury by FDA. All other otc fish oils may contain mercury.


  • 2

    side effects please


  • 3

    My husband has been taking it for a year now for high triglyceride. He just did a blood test again and found out that his blood glucose has gone up to what his doctor called “pre-diabetes” I’m wondering if it can cause diabetes.


  • 4
    dallas hiton

    It is very expensive and I take four caps every day, I was wondering if their is any discounts available?


  • 5

    After discontinued lovaza did your hair grow back? I have this problem ..thanks


  • 6

    I have been taking Lovaza for a year (4 pills per day) and triglycerides are still the same


  • 7

    what is normal daily dose for adult male?


  • 8

    I had taken Lovaza in the past, not for weight loss, but to lower my triglicerides. They went from 243 to 167, my HDL also rose a few points from 39 to 42. Because of the cost and after thinking it was just fish oil, I went to using fish oil supplements (it looks like the same ingredients, but lower levels with the supplement). My triglicerides are back up to 254 and my HDL is down to 34! I have a call in to my Dr. to see if I should go back on Lovaza.


  • 9

    Does Lovazza contain Magnesium?
    How Much does It contain?


  • 10

    I have been taking Lovaza for two years and my hair started to fall out shortly thereafter, but I didn’t connect the two until now. I can see my scalp. I stopped the drug two weeks ago and hope my hair will grow back?


  • 11
    Loretta Peavy

    needing to take lavaza but cant afford it. Is there a program that will help with this?



    Yes, you can contact the manufacturer directly they will set you up with a pharmacy discount card. Do you have medical insurance? Note, this card cannot be used at the same time with any insurance plan.


  • 12
    Mildred Rios

    I have Hypothiroydism and over 50 years. My doctor recommend me Lovaza 1gm to fight my cholesterol. May I suspend taking this medication? This pill inhibate the action of my thyroid medication?


  • 13

    I have been on this for 3 months and never have my triglycerides been so high. No change in diet,I think I’ve been eating less and more fruits . A1C is down and was wondering if this is a possibile side effect.And should discontinue


  • 14
    Diane Miller

    Can I loss weight by taking Lovaza?


  • 15
    rosa diaz

    i have been experiencing terrible pain on my feet,cramping like,i press down to relief the tight cramps,anything on that i take 4 grams/day i started 2 wweeks ago,startedcramping 2 days now.


  • 16

    is lovaza toxic to the liver?



    is lovaza toxic to the liver?


  • 17

    You have to be kidding me. This is a scam of all scams. Just get hemp oil pills. To have to get a prescription for omega 3 is a joke. There is no mercury in hemp oil. it has the right omega balance. wake up folks.


    Doug Wilson

    What is Omega-3 concentration per 1000 mg of hemp oil? Product otc source?



    You are absolutely right. Omega 3 from fish oil contains trace mercury which is remarkably toxic. Hemp or flaxseed
    (linseed ) oil is the safe way to get your omega 3. As an aside, the AMS is absolutely wrong about the benefits of omega 3.


  • 18
    don greco

    would it be OK to take lovaza for high cholesterol also??


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