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If you are looking for a way to get rid of those pesky love handles, the Love Handler is designed to help tone your abs, arms, hips, chest and back. It uses a unique swinging technology to engage your muscles and create resistance through gravity and your own body weight. As you swing back and forth, different muscle groups are worked, giving the user a complete strengthening workout. Sharper Image, the creator and seller of the Love Handler claim that the product that will provide fast results without the backpain that is often associates with traditional sit ups.

The Love Handler targets and tones the oblique’s, also known as the “love handles”, while building body strength and stamina at the same time. The product works by converting “love handles” to muscle, strengthening the core and defining abs, and reducing negative body impact and strain during exercise. The Love Handler promises to reduce the fat that tends to gather around the waistline due to age or poor diet.

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Product Features

The Love Handler costs around $200.00 and includes a comprehensive workout guide with weight loss plans. It includes padded knee saddles for comfortable exercise and a tension knob for increasing the level of resistance. The system requires some assembly, but is heavy and sturdy once it is put together. It is sold with a 60 day customer satisfaction guarantee and can be returned to the manufacturer for the entire purchase prices if you aren’t satisfied.

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  • Low impact exercise that is safe for joints.
  • Can result in weight loss and improved fitness.
  • Includes a workout plan.


  • Can’t be used by overly obese individuals.
  • Doesn’t come fully assembled.
  • May not be as effective as diet and exercise alone.


When the exercise program is followed on a regular basis, the Love Handler promises to get rid of love handles on both men and women without endless sit-ups or diet pills. For maximum results, the exercise plan that is included with the machine should be used in conjunction with the diet plan. Those who weigh more than 250 pounds may not find the machine easy to use due to how it is made. The Love Handler doesn’t require a lot of space and can be easily used indoors. It claims to offer a complete workout that is difficult enough to result in toned muscles and increased stamina. The machine provides a simpler way to do abdominal work than traditional sit-ups which can cause neck and back pain. The motion is easy to learn and can be performed by users of varying fitness levels. It should be used regularly for several weeks in order to show significant results in the oblique area.

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    I am trying to obtain the DVD for the LoveHandler as mine did not have it in the box. Do you know where I can obtain one>