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There are many different diet plans that people must adhere to for different reasons. One of these is known as a Low-Protein Diet. Clearly this means eating foods with less protein than what is considered average. Now, let us take a more in-depth look at this type of diet plan.

One thing you should realize about this type of diet is that it may vary for each individual. Some foods that are high in protein are red meat, pork, fish, poultry, cheese, milk, peanut butter, eggs, and yogurt. However, you will not find a great deal of protein in foods like fruit, vegetables, white breads, and cereals. While some foods, like fish, offer lean protein with minimal fat, foods like pork offer protein and ample portions fat as well.

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A Low-Protein Diet is often recommended to individuals that suffer from severe forms of liver of kidney disease. The problem is that their bodies have difficulty processing and using protein properly. This can cause harmful waste and toxins to increase in their blood stream. So regardless of whether the protein is healthy or comes from good sources like lean meats, it must be consumed in moderation. As you may know, protein is an essential nutrient that everyone needs. It is responsible for wound healing, muscle building, normal growth, and combating infections. A common daily amount of protein for an average person is 50 grams. However, on a Low-Protein Diet, this amount must be decreased to whatever your health care specialist or doctor recommends. Some special low-protein products that can be found with ease today are Suplena, low-protein bread, pasta, wheat starch, cracker toast, cookies, rusks, gelatin, crackers, and baking mixes. Just so you are aware, protein is never completely taken out of a diet, because it is imperative for daily nutrition and overall health.

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  • A Low-Protein Diet can help manage the amount of waste in the bloodstream.
  • This type of diet can reduce your risk of heart disease, since you will eat less red meat and pork.
  • A Low-Protein Diet plan may be ideal for a vegan or vegetarian.


  • When on a Low-Protein Diet, you may have more difficult building lean muscle mass.
  • Your body may not be able to repair itself as easily with less protein.
  • Adopting a Low-Protein Diet while growing could hinder your overall growth.


When it comes to special eating plans like a Low-Protein Diet, these are always recommended by health care professionals for a reason. Therefore if your doctor says you need to consume less protein in your diet, then you must pay attention, and understand why this is necessary. The foods you consume daily can really have a major impact on your overall health.

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    jean switzer

    Husband just had a heart stent put in.
    30% use of kidneys.
    what foods can I fix that will be agreeable with is diet.
    Also type 2 Diabetic.