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The website for the University of California tells us that the average American consumes twenty times more salt than they need and that that too much salt in our diet can lead to health problems such as fluid retention and high blood pressure. Many people follow a Low Sodium Diet for health reasons. Those who have suffered a heart attack or suffer from heart disease or high blood pressure are advised to follow a low salt diet. A Low Sodium Diet is not a diet fundamentally designed to help you lose weight but many people who follow a Low Sodium Diet do invariably lose weight because as a result of following a Low Sodium Diet people have healthier diets.

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A diet that is low in salt content.

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There are a number of websites dedicated to the Low Sodium Diets which give information on foods that are high in salt content and which should be cut out from your diet. The websites of charities and organizations which help people suffering from certain health problems such as heart disease and high blood pressure also give information on Low Sodium Diets. Those who wish to follow a Low Sodium Diet should read carefully the labels on food that they purchase in order to assess the salt content.

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  • A Low Sodium Diet is a positive those who have heart or blood pressure problems.
  • A number of websites give information about following a Low Sodium Diet.
  • A number of books have been written regarding following a Low Sodium Diet.


  • Some people say that following a Low Sodium Diet means their food is tasteless.
  • Low Sodium Diets may not be suitable for those who suffer from low blood pressure.
  • Low Sodium Diets are not diets designed primarily to help you lose weight.


A Low Sodium Diet is not a diet which is primarily designed to help you lose weight; rather it is a diet which has been designed to deal with certain health problems and to help you eat in a healthier fashion.

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    about 2000 milligrams


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    how much sodium should the average person have a day?