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Lowat is a weight loss supplement that claims to be clinically proven to boost weight loss. We found no links to the clinical study referenced in the product description. A complete list of ingredients is available on the Swanson Health Products website. Lowat is manufactured by the same company that produces Super Citrimax and ChromeMate.

List of Ingredients

Dolichos Biflorus and Piper Betle.

Product Features

Dolichos Biflorus is a flowering plant with seed pods. The seeds are commonly used for natural treatment of colic, kidney stones, diarrhea and cold sweats. Seeds are known to have diuretic qualities, which is likely the reason they are included in Lowat. Diuretics increased urine output by pulling water from fluid stores in the body. Pulling more water increases urination and causes the dieter to constantly run back and forth to the bathroom. Diuretics have no impact on weight loss or fat loss. They will not increase metabolism or make it easier to stick with a reduced calorie diet.

Piper Betle is a stimulant, commonly chewed. The stimulant is thought to be associated with mouth cancer, which could mean there are negative side effects of taking the ingredient which have yet to be revealed. There are no clinical studies associated with piper betle, so dieter should be very cautious when taking this supplement. Stimulants often have a diuretic effect, like caffeine. The dieter may suffer from dehydration, dry skin and constipation as a result of taking Lowat.

While stimulants are commonly used in weight loss products, they can increase heart rate, blood pressure and metabolism. It is important to offset any resulting hunger with a strong appetite suppressant. Lowat does not contain any appetite suppressing ingredients, so the dieter may feel more hunger after taking the supplement and thus eat more and lose less.

One bottle of Lowat sells for $15 online. The dieter can order the supplement directly from the Swanson Vitamins website.

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  • Lowat sells online directly from the official website.
  • The price is much lower than other fat burners.
  • A complete ingredient list and product label is available from Swanson Vitamins.


  • Non appetite suppressing ingredients are included to fight hunger.
  • Diuretics may cause dehydration and potassium loss.
  • Piper Betle may have negative side effects that are unknown.
  • Stimulants increase blood pressure and heart rate.


Even though Lowat sells for ¼ the price of other weight loss supplement, dieters will not get the support they need to lose weight. Stimulants that increase metabolism also increase hunger, which is a common reason appetite suppressants are included in weight loss supplements. Dieters taking this supplement could find they are dehydrated and very hungry with a terrible bout of shakes.

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