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Low Carb Diets are probably one of the most popular fad diets available today, first sensationalized by the Atkins Diet. The premise is simple. The dieter will cut out all food that is high in carbohydrates and eat food low in carbohydrates. Advocates of this diet claim eating low carb foods will result in massive weight loss while being able to eat your favorite foods, such as hamburgers and eggs. Other fad diets have also utilized the low carb diet philosophy, including The South Beach Diet and The Zone. The diet is popular because it places emphasis on meat and food generally considered “bad” by other diets, and little to no restriction is needed besides cutting down on high-carb food.

Low Carb Diets may be ideal for dieters who want to try an easy diet that does not involve complicated foods or heavy exercise, and today there are numerous online and offline tools for helping dieters on this program, including online communities and specialized recipe books. Low Carb Diets are not for everybody.


Low Carb Diets require diets to cut out high-carb foods, such as bread and some vegetables and fruits.

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Low Carb Diets follow simple principals, and these principals are simple enough for any dieter to follow, says some advocates. The rules are simple: consume food with zero or few carbs, such as meat and eggs. Some vegetables that are low in carbs are also added to make the diet more varied, which is a problem with Low Carb Diets. Eliminating carbs removes many food choice, both healthy and unhealthy, including fruits and whole grain food. Otherwise, the diet is simple to follow.

According to research, dieters do lose significant weight during the initial dieting period. Studies show that eliminating carbohydrates causes dieters to enter a “fasting” mode, which sheds water weight and some extra pounds. This is not necessarily safe, however, and staying too long in a fasting state (called ketosis) may promote heart problems. Therefore dieters with heart problems are advised to speak with a doctor before making any drastic changes with their diet.

Other research also shows these types of diets promote appetite suppression, although it isn’t clear how this occurs. There is evidence supporting its weight loss claims in the short term, but its long term effects may not produce substantial benefits.

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  • Evidence shows it may promote rapid weight loss in the short term.
  • Low carb dieting is shown to cause appetite suppression, although it is not clear why this occurs.
  • Long term scientific studies are being performed.


  • May present issues with diets with pre-existing heart conditions.
  • Dieters can only eat a select number of foods that meet the criteria of the diet.
  • Is criticized for not including healthy food.
  • Conclusion

    Low Carb Diets are popular with diets because it requires little effort, aside from consuming only low carb foods. There are health concerns also connected with this diet because of the focus on meat and fat products. Nevertheless, it is shown to cause weight loss and suppress appetite during the initial stage, and may interest dieters who want to try a shorter diet.

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