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There is a detailed and comprehensive official website for the Lucille Roberts chain of gyms throughout the United States. The website offers informatoin on the forty five gyms in existence. Each provide personal training programs, programs for weight loss and fitness programs. We are further told that the Lucille Roberts gyms provide certified personal trainers and the most advanced facilities available including the most advanced cardio and fitness equipment.


There are no ingredients. Lucille Roberts is a chain of gyms.

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The official website for the Lucille Roberts gyms gives a large amount of in depth information. The Lucille Roberts gyms were launched in the 1970s. If you are interested the official website recounts the story of Lucille Roberts, the woman behind this chain of gyms. The gyms can be found in New York and New Jersey, as well as in other areas of the United States. A Lucille Roberts gym finder on the official website enables you to locate a gym in your area. There is also information given on membership and all of the programs run by this chain of gyms including the weight loss programs available.

The Lucille Roberts gyms are not the only gyms in the United States which offer weight loss programs. There is no evidence provided which convinces us that the weight loss programs run by the Lucille Robert gyms are more effective than weight loss programs carried out by other gyms in the United States. Some people may be drawn to this chain of gyms and their weight loss programs due to the fact that Lucille Roberts is a well established brand and the gyms have been in existence for more than thirty years.

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  • The Lucille Roberts gyms have been in existence for more than thirty years.
  • There is a detailed and comprehensive official website for the Lucille Roberts chain of gyms.
  • The Lucille Roberts gyms run weight loss programs.


  • LNot everybody has the financial means to join a gym.
  • The Lucille Roberts gyms are not the only gyms in existence in the United States.
  • There is no evidence available which convinces us that the weight loss programs run by the Lucille Roberts gyms are superior to other weight loss programs available in other gyms.
  • Losing weight is not only about working out and fitness but also about changing you eating habits and lifestyle.


Just because the Lucille Robert gyms have been in existence for more than thirty years, does not necessarily mean that they are better than other gyms in existence which offer weight loss programs. If you are looking for a gym which offers a weight loss program, then the gym which you choose will ultimately depend upon your individual circumstances.

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9 User Reviews about Lucille Roberts

  • 1
    j schreiber

    I really enjoy the gym. staff really nice. I come with a friend. Classes are really good.Thanks Judy


  • 2
    Shirley Dauito

    I Love Lucille Roberts, I have been a gold member for about a year 1/2. I was struggling with weight for many years,but thanks to the staff, trainers and friends I have gained at Lucille Roberts of Westbury I have lost 30lbs and have maintained my goal for over a year now. The classes Zumba, Step, Kick some abs and full body workout really did the job for me. Love you guy’s your the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • 3
    Josephine Desiderio

    I love Lucille Roberts because its a a women gym it is fit for a women body.I absolutely love the classes and the trainers.The trainers are the best they motivate me not to give up.I wouldn’t change,my gym for any other gym.


  • 4

    I have been trying to cancel my membership for 3 months, have provided all of the required paperwork, and they won’t cancel my membership or return my emails or calls. No one ever picks up at the phone number listed. The gym itself is a joke- my highschool gym was nicer and I went to public school. They have no customer service, won’t let you in if you forget your card (I had multiple forms of verification). The pilates and yoga classes are not real pilates or yoga. They keep the radio on, and the instructors are awful. PLEASE don’t be fooled by their scam. I’ve been charged 6 month maintenance fees and other fees not explained when you sign up.



    Same thing Happened to my mom and I when we signed up. There were alot of hidden maintenance fees and they charge you nearly 100 dollars to cancel membership. Plain rip off.


    gym member

    You can cancel the membership going to cancel soon too


  • 5

    I have been a member of the Lucille Roberts on 3rd Avenue in the Bronx for 2yrs. I love their classes, and they are always having some kind of fun event going on there.


  • 6

    I just joined Lucille Roberts. Been going for a week. Everything seems fine. Good classes, nice equipment. Not as big or fancy as the other gyms. But who wants to pay Eastern Athletic Club 57 bucks a month!!! that’s what I was paying am only paying 13.99 a month for Lucille Roberts. You can’t expect perfection.


  • 7

    I’ve been going to Lucille Roberts for almost 2 years. The cost is much more reasonable than most gyms. I paid an extra $30 for the gold card which entitles me to to able to participate in special classes, stop and start the membership (for example if having surgery), and attend any gym location. the latter advantage is great for me because I stop at one on the way home from work. On the weekends I have a choice of nearby gyms which offer different classes at different times. most of the instructors are terrific. many of the classes are for varied levels. The equipment is in good working order, but some gyms are better than others. They can get crowded, but there’s always room or something to do.I feel pretty confident paying for 2 years at a time because they’ve been around for a long time and they’re building another one! I’m very content with my choice.