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The Lunch Box Diet is a weight loss program designed by one Simon Lovell (a fitness expert). As it states plainly on the official website, you can supposedly eat food all day long and feel great, while losing unwanted weight all at the same time. Although many fad diets are said to only work temporarily, this weight loss plan is supposed to be a whole new way of eating. Men and women actually adopt new eating habits that they keep forever. This way once the weight is lost, it does not come back. The Lunch Box Diet comes in the form of a book that can be purchased through (price is in UK pounds).

Touted as the biggest weight loss craze out there, this 224-page book teaches users how to change their eating habits for good. A four-week plan is addressed in the book that gets dieters into the new eating routine so that real weight is lost. It is said that you can consume a normal breakfast and dinner with this diet plan, but lunches are altered. Fortunately users of The Lunch Box Diet are never supposed to be hungry. The key is eating very small meals/snacks between the hours of 10am and 5pm. Not only are calories reduced and weight is lost, but the dieter should have more energy as well. Some users notice a real difference within the first seven days.

Product Features

The Lunch Box Diet is a weight loss plan that is offered via a text. Like so many other diet books, this one is pitched as the be-all end-all to weight loss. Naturally after you select The Lunch Box Diet, you will have to look no further. At least this is what is said about the fat reduction book. On where this book is sold, there are numerous reviews posted to assist men and women with attaining a better understanding of The Lunch Box Diet and what all it really has to offer those who are interested in shedding excess body fat. It is unknown whether or not an exercise regimen is incorporated.

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  • The Lunch Box Diet text is easy enough to find on
  • Users are stated to be able to begin dropping unwanted weight within the very first week.


  • There are no convenient dietary supplements involved with The Lunch Box Diet.
  • Some individuals may not appreciate the permanent change in diet that must be adopted with this plan.
  • Not all of the reviews offered for the Lunch Box Diet are positive.


Like most other diet books out there these days, The Lunch Box Diet is hyped as the ultimate diet plan that calls for no other assistance. Naturally this would be ideal if it actually works for every dieter that tries it. However, not everyone will be able to fully adopt this new way of eating for the rest of there lives. If a more convenient supplement formula sounds more realistic for you, then it is a good idea to check out some that are available.

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