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As anyone can see, there are countless supplement formulas at your disposal. It does not matter if you are looking for a weight loss product, multivitamin, or supplement formula that assists with bowel health. There is likely to be one available that aims to address your needs. In this review, we will take a closer look at Lycopene, which is a substance that many professionals put a lot of value into these days. After all, it may assist with health conditions, and the daily maintenance of your body.

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Lycopene is a basically a carotenoid. It is commonly found in produce like tomatoes, watermelon, apricots, pink grapefruits, and pink guavas. Other common sources are tomato paste, ketchup, and tomato juice or soup. However, Lycopene is also present is human skin and glands, as well as organs like the liver, colon, and prostate. The lungs also contain Lycopene to some degree. Many studies have shown that this substance is beneficial to the human body.

As you may already know, Lycopene offers antioxidant power. This means that it may help prevent cancer, cardiovascular disease, and assist the prostate gland as well. This is why it is often marketed toward men, and is now typically incorporated into men’s daily multivitamins. Lycopene may also be able to help prevent macular degeneration. One thing you should be aware of is that clinical studies done on Lycopene typically involve tomatoes, since it is such a rich source of this substance. Therefore it may be difficult to determine where the health benefits are truly coming from. After all, tomatoes have additional nutrients like Vitamin C and potassium. Nowadays there are a number of supplement formulas that offer high levels of Lycopene for potential health benefits.

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  • Lycopene may be able to help prevent cancer.
  • This substance may improve prostate health in men.
  • It is commonly found in healthy fruits and vegetables.


  • There is no correlation between Lycopene and weight reduction.
  • It is unclear whether or not this substance actually does what many “experts” claim.
  • Lycopene supplements have not been tested in regards to what health benefits they may have.


There are so many vitamins and minerals, which makes it easy to get confused as to which ones do what. As for Lycopene, this very well may be a wonderful nutrient that aids with cancer prevention and heart health. However, there are no clear studies that link it to healthy weight loss or fat reduction. It would be nice to see some clear studies done on Lycopene supplements specifically. This way it would be easier to determine the effects of this substance, and whether or not they are as stellar as some people claim.

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    Ken Kounkel

    I have been taking Lycopene for several years – no problems. I recently moved to Cedarville, Illinois, and would like to know of local suppliers of Lycopene.


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    Debra Giarraffa

    Is it harmful to take Lycopene if your using Synthroid?


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    what is it for?


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    What is recommended daily milligrams for a man age 78?


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    linda attar

    is it harmful to take products containing lycopene if suffering from hypothyroidism??


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