Lyse XL Review

Editor's Review: 3.7 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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Lyse XL claims to be a potent thermogenic weight loss product that encourages your body to use stored fat for energy. Thermogenic compounds will raise your core body temperature slightly, which may actually help burn off some of this stored fat. Lyse XL is an all-natural formula that contains no Ephedra. These all natural ingredients are supposed to work together and help your body absorb food while expending energy, which results in effective weight loss.

Something odd on the official website is a paragraph that states Lyse XL “remains a top seller among competitive brands, making it the #1 choice for those seeking safe and effective male enhancement”. We aren’t sure if this is a typo or if Lyse XL doubles as a “male enhancement” supplement.

List of Ingredients

Lyse XL contains: Boerhaavia diffusa 50mg, Smilax china 50mg, Phyllanthus emblica 25mg, Zingiber officinale 25mg, Piper longum 25mg, Piper nigrum 25mg, Commifora mukul 50mg, Garcinia combogia 50mg, Terminalia belerica 25mg, Terminalia chebula 25mg.

Product Features

Lyse XL claims to work as an appetite suppressant, energy booster, fat burner, and even a male enhancement aid. It’s hard to take all of these claims at face value as the official Lyse XL site is fairly bland and resembles a blog more than a professional website. The official website does go into some detail explaining what thermogenesis and lypolysis are and how these chemical reactions in your body could help you to lose weight.

One of the main ingredients in Lyse XL is supposed to be Yerba Mate, which the website claims will aid in lypolysis because it contains many xanthine properties. Lipolysis breaks down fat into smaller particles which can then be reabsorbed into the body. For some reason, the listed ingredients don’t include Yerba Mate, which is very unusual. You can view a few testimonials and some before and after pictures that are posted on the official Lyse XL website, but these seem fairly generic.

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  • Does not contain Ephedra.


  • Shipping charges for one bottle is $14.95.
  • The official Lyse XL website is poorly done.
  • The list of ingredients contradicts the claims made on the official website.
  • There is no proven appetite suppressant in the ingredients list.
  • Claims regarding male enhancement are a bit confusing.


We like the fact that Lyse XL uses all natural ingredients in this thermogenic compound, but we aren’t sure if they are listing everything that is in it. The ingredients don’t list Yerba Mate, but the official website has an entire paragraph detailing how Yerba Mate aids in lipolysis and how it is one of the “main active ingredients” in their formula. There is also no reason for $14.95 shipping costs even if the bottle was made out of 100% lead. Instead, we recommend you find a product that combines a quality fat burner with a well known appetite suppressant.

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