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What You Should Know

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M Drol is a prohormone or prosteroid. The product was created to mimic Superdrol after it was pulled from the market. Prohormones or prosteroids work just like the real thing in the body, but they are chemically different so they are not banned by the government. Bodybuilding and competitive sports organizations tend to work faster than the government when it comes to finding out about new derivatives of old steroids, thus testing tends to find the prohormones and prosteroids before they are added to the banned substance list. Simply put, the government cannot keep up with the chemists who have to change just a small part of the chemical to create a new product.

List of Ingredients


  • 2a, 17a di methyl etiocholan 3-one, 17b-ol

Product Features

What can you expect from taking M Drol? You can expect massive muscle gains and increases in strength. Your body will look and feel bigger than it ever has, as long as you’re taking M Drol, which you can’t do forever due to potential serious side effects. M Drol affects liver function and after a short time, you’ll need to cycle off and take supplements to support liver function. Some users also take liver support supplements while on M Drol to help prevent damage.

When you cycle off M Drol those gains go down the toilet, literally. Everything you gained simply fades away because the gains were based on bloating of muscle cells, not real muscle gains. M Drol blows up cells in the muscle with water. You see the dramatic change and love the effect until you realize all that muscle is just flushed down the drain as you pass the extra water out.

There are plenty of studies on the dangers of prohormones, but some bodybuilders take the chance that they’ll be the one that shows no side effects. With proper cycling and liver support, the effect on the body can be minimized, but learning how to use prohormones takes lots of reading and visits to bodybuilding forums.

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  • None.


  • Mass gains are not real gains.
  • May cause liver damage.
  • Sold online despite some prohormones being banned.
  • Causes bloating of muscle cells.
  • Requires careful cycling on and off.


Prohormones are not weight loss supplements and dieters should steer clear of these products. Liver damage can result from improper prohormone use. Most prohormones are chemical derivatives of steroids and created in a laboratory; they are not naturally supplements like green tea, caffeine and chromium.

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