MacroMicro Cleanse Review

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What You Should Know

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MacroMicro Cleanse is a total body cleanse that works on both a large, cleansing scale and a minute cellular scale. The product does not seem to have an official website, but can be found through online supplement retailers.

List of Ingredients

Milk Thistle Extract, N-Acetyl Cysteine, Broccoli Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid, CranXact Extract, Dandelion Root, Cranberry Extract, Burdock Root, Grape Seed Extract, Pomegranate Extract, Artichoke Extract, Red Clover, Mullein, Ginger Root, Larch Arabanogalactan and Apple Extract.

Product Features

MacroMicro Cleanse comes into the weight loss market along with many other cleansing supplements. These products have recently become very popular with people trying to lose weight as part of a total body change. There is no scientific evidence that cleansing supplements increase weight loss in general and the same holds true for MacroMicro Cleanse.

In terms of cleansing power, MacroMicro Cleanse does not contain as many herbal remedies for detoxifying the body as comparable cleanses. The ingredient list is rather short, but a few common names are listed. Dandelion Root is commonly used in cleansing supplements to help rinse toxins out of the body. Some weight loss supplements also use dandelion root to reduce weight, but the effect only lasts a short time.

Fruit and vegetable extracts are used to increase natural fiber in the diet which can have a laxative effect. Again, laxatives are used in cleanses like MacroMicro Cleanse to push toxins more quickly out of the body. Some believe laxative use for weight loss can lead to ineffective natural expulsion of waste from the body and dependency on laxatives for normal, daily bowel movements. Larch Arabanogalactan or Arabinogalactan is a starch that offers sweetening effects, but is also a source of natural fiber.

MacroMicro Cleanse can be purchased online for $19.98 per 60 count bottle. The supplement is taken as two capsules divided between morning and evening. Up to four capsules per day can be taken for a stronger cleanse.

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  • MacroMicro Cleanse is easy to purchase online.
  • Natural fiber and laxative ingredients will increase bowel movements.
  • Dandelion will increase urinary output in the body to flush toxins.
  • MacroMicro Cleanse is priced comparably to other cleansing products.


  • Few detoxifying ingredients are included in the supplement.
  • Cleansing will not increase weight loss.
  • No addition fat burn or calorie burn will result from taking this product.


Weight loss does require a healthy body and digestive system, which is why many cleansing products have become so popular with people trying to shed unwanted pounds. MacroMicro Cleanse has one of the least effective ingredient lists available in cleansing products. Despite the fact that MacroMicro Cleanse is comparably priced, fat burners or more effective cleansing supplements are available.

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