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The Magic Chicken Diet is a controversial eating plan that is eerily similar to Kimkins. Several online blogs and dieting websites claim the Magic Chicken Diet is not to be trusted and offers nothing to the dieter except a slimmer wallet. The official website for the Magic Chicken Diet is not currently operational. After ordering a complete website and website tweaks from several online freelancing websites, the owners of the Magic Chicken Diet website have allowed the domain to be parked.

List of Ingredients

Low carb, low fat diet.

Product Features

Rarely can a dieter find an eating plan with as much negative controversy surrounding it as is the case with the Magic Chicken Diet. From the website’s claims of one user losing 160 pounds in just 10 months, to the fact that the website, when operational, looked nearly identical to the Kimkins Diet website, the Magic Chicken Diet seemed to be rooted in questions more than weight loss answers.

Ironically, the Kimkins website is up and working while the Magic Chicken Diet site is not. When comparing the two, Kimkins claims lower fat count than Atkins and lower carbohydrate count than South Beach. The exact same claims are made on behalf of the Magic Chicken Diet.

There are very few details available about the Magic Chicken Diet, but someone related to Bonnie (the creator of the diet and the dieter who lost 160 pounds on the plain) claims her weight loss success was attributed to eating a large amount of chicken. Calorie totals, carbohydrate totals and fat totals could not be found.

Even though the website is no longer functional, pricing information was found for the Magic Chicken Diet. Originally, dieters could join the website for a onetime fee of $19.95. The price was then raised to $69.95 before the website was taken offline.

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  • Low carbohydrate diets do result in weight loss.
  • Low fat diets do result in weight loss.
  • Paying $19.95 for a weight loss plan is comparable to other diet websites.


  • There is controversy surrounding the Magic Chicken Diet.
  • One time fees of $69.95 are higher than competitor websites.
  • Low carbohydrate plans are often paired with higher fat intake to produce weight loss.
  • No information could be found on plan details.
  • The website and diet plan seemed to be a mirror of the Kimkins Diet.


When a diet plan offers a website and then the website is taken offline after much controversy, dieters are bound to have a large number of questions. The negative press surrounding the Magic Chicken Diet is increased by the fact that the website looked like a clone of the Kimkins Diet website down to identical terms of service and weight loss guidelines.

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