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What You Should Know

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Magna-Rx is a supplement company that provides many different supplements, all the way from weight loss to penis enlargement.

List of Ingredients

Ingredients will vary by product, though they are all listed through the Magna-Rx website.

Product Features

Magna-Rx products for Men include: Penis Enlargement Formula, Patches (also for penis enlargement), TRX (a testosterone enhancer), Alpha Male Plus (an all natural hormone stimulant) Transdermal lotion, which allows men to apply nitric oxide wherever they need it most, HGH-human growth hormone, CQ Body Spray which combines pheromones with fragrance, and Attractant 1000, the pheromone spray.

Magna-Rx products for Women include: Lava, which is a product that is to be used by doctor direction only, meant to help increase the sex drive.

Weight loss products include: NO-Weighting, CortiQUICK, and Hoodia Control. NO-Weighting is a weight loss product supposedly endorsed by doctors and guaranteed to double your weight loss efforts, or your money back. It claims to reduce cravings and cortisol levels, burn fat, and to do so naturally with an ephedra-free formula. CortiQUICK is a product that claims to give your body and mind tools to reduce stress related levels of cortisol in your body that contribute to excess belly fat. Hoodia Control is claimed to be a source of 100% genuine hoodia that is used as an appetite suppressant.

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  • Offers a variety of products for men and women.


  • Website reads too much like a sales page.
  • Main products pitched to consumers are not weight loss products.
  • No customer testimonials.


There are a variety of supplements provided by Magna-Rx. There are several different ways to order, and their weight loss products seem like they may be worth it, but without customer testimonials (there are endorsements from doctors, but really no proof of their validity), and full ingredients lists, it is hard to say whether they will work or not. The supplements claim to have the necessary chemicals to fight appetite, and to burn fat, but we do not know if this is truly the case.

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5 User Reviews about Magna-Rx

  • 1

    Can women take this and if so, does it really increase ur libido? I just want to try it for a night or two n was wondering if it would help me “get off” easier.


  • 2

    Im live in Australia,how can I buy some tablet


  • 3
    james rewis

    i been taking magna rx for six months ans has not made any bigger i think this is to make money off of men


    Big Mike

    I have been selling Magna Rx in my shop for 4 years i have only had 1 un happy customer most are very happy with their results as long as you follow instructions on the packet. Did you take measurements before you started?? compare those with measurements after 2 monthe guarentee there will be a + difference


  • 4

    does it realyy work? if it is than for how long it should be taken?