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Magrim Power is a slimming product sold out of Shanghai, China. There is a lot of bad media surrounding Chinese slimming pills as some of the ingredients do not appear in any literature. Essentially, in some cases, the ingredients listed in the formula don’t exist. Megrim Power appears to contain several known ingredients, but some of the names are slightly different than those used on product formulated in other parts of the world.

List of Ingredients


  • Sweet Potato Fiber
  • Cyamoposis Gum
  • Amor Phallus Konjac
  • Alfalfa
  • Tuckahoe
  • Kola
  • Guttiferae Plant
  • Coleus Scutellarioides
  • Guarana
  • Marumi Kumquat
  • Trigonella Foenum

Product Features

Amor phallus konjac and sweet potato fiber are the two appetite suppressants in Magrim Power. Fiber absorbs water and slows the digestive process. If a dieter consumes fiber about 30 minutes before a meal they will feel fuller and eat less, according to supplement company claims. There is one problem with using fiber as an appetite suppressant. Fiber may leave the dieter will a feeling of fullness but it will not help them make good food choices. If the dieter eats a smaller portion of high-calorie food they may still gain weight.

Kola and guarana are stimulants that may contain caffeine. There is no mention of caffeine or stimulant effects in the product description. The dieter will likely feel a surge in energy, but the effect of that surge will depend on the caffeine-intake habits of the dieter. If the dieter does not drink much caffeine, the effect could be significant. If the dieter partakes in four to five cups of coffee each morning, they may not feel a change at all.

Trigonella Foenum is an interesting ingredient as it is used to counteract the effects of anorexia. This ingredient makes you hungrier. This is not the effect most dieters are looking for in a weight loss supplement.

When researching the ingredient list we found the product Celerite to contain nearly the same ingredient list as Magrim Power. This could mean the formula is sold under multiple names.

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  • Ingredients are listed online.
  • May stimulate metabolism with caffeine.


  • Other supplements on the market have the same ingredient list.
  • At least one ingredient increases hunger.
  • Not formulated in the United States.


Magrim Power does not reveal how much caffeine is in the supplement. It also doesn’t bother to tell the dieter that at least one ingredient is commonly used to increase hunger. This supplement is not likely to cause the weight loss effects the dieter is looking to obtain from a fat burner.

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  • 1

    Does Magrim Power cause constipation


    Devon (Editor)

    Dieters haven’t reported constipation as a side effect, nor do the ingredients suggest it. Please take this formula to your doctor before starting.


  • 2

    I wish to ask about its side effects. If i used it for 3 months. Shall this cause me heart, kidney, liver problems. I wish u could help me


  • 3

    is magrim effect the people how has medical history of anorexia or bolima or eating disorder can it harm them


  • 4
    hala anwar

    how to get it or buy it I’m a Dietion & I need to have in my clinic for my patients


  • 5

    2 years ago I find it in lebanon …it was very good …now I can’t find …Please where can I find it now



    i found it through facebook … easy slim and Magrim


  • 6

    Where can a buy magrim slimming capsules for personal use.
    I used last year and i lost 20kgs in 3 months so, still need to loose 25kgs.
    please let me know i need 10 boxs.


  • 7

    Does magrim power work while drinking alcohol. Will you still loose weight if you use alcohol. Cause I drink on weekends and sometimes in the week wil I still loose weight with magrim power please let me know



    please let me know how much is it and how can i get it, i’m in the UAE


  • 8

    Where can a buy magrim slimming capsules for personal use


  • 9

    wanna know his action..


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