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The Makers Diet was created by Jordan Rubin and is billed as a “truly holistic approach to health and wellness”. The key component behind the Makers Diet is The Bible. The Makers Diet encourages you to stick to biblical dietary laws that you probably have heard before. You can eat any fish if it has scales and fins, but not if it doesn’t have them. That means no catfish, or any bottom dwelling delicacies such as shrimp, crab and lobster. You also can’t eat any mammals that don’t chew cud. That means pork. Essentially, the Makers Diet instructs followers to keep the diet rules traditionally associated with Kosher eating.

The Makers Diet does more than just restrict your diet. It focuses heavily on boosting the immune system and balancing your blood sugar levels. This is supposed to have a dramatic physical effect on your body and should improve your concentration, stabilize your moods, and reduce the chances of you getting an infection.

The Makers Diet is a plan that spans a 40 day time frame and includes much more than meal planning. Each day you will take part in exercise programs and engage in prayer. Some of the key things you will undertake during these 40 days are eliminating processed foods, increasing your water intake, controlling emotional eating, and spending a lot of time in the sun. Each morning you will use a special cleanser on your hands and face and every evening you will have music therapy, which consists of listening to a CD that comes with the Makers Diet.

List of Ingredients

For the Makers Diet you don’t necessarily have to purchase anything you can’t find in your local grocery store. There are multivitamins, omega-3 supplements and a hygiene package available on the website, however.

Product Features

The Makers Diet has some similarities with some very successful weight loss programs that not only have a meal plan but a mind, body, and spirit plan. Since it is based on the Old Testament, if you are a spiritual person you might find this to be more motivational than some other diets.

The Makers Diet features many things you won’t get from just taking a pill. You get to join a type of “club” where you can get support during the crucial 40 days of initial dieting, and even support from fellow dieters. The website has a lot of information and includes everything from recommended meals to sample recipes so you can try out new foods.

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  • Very thorough website with many different areas to explore.
  • Lots of support through message boards and the Makers Diet “diet buddy” program.
  • This program is cheap at just 4.99 a month.


  • Doesn’t include supplements, appetite suppressants, or fat burners.
  • May not appeal to non-religious dieters.
  • Website doesn’t have exercises you can do at home
  • You can’t eat shellfish or pork.


The Makers Diet is basically an all-natural diet plan. It’s not a quick diet solution, but something you will need to consciously dedicate a lot of time towards. If you are familiar with the Bible, you might find the Makers Diet very appealing but if you aren’t you may find it overbearing and confusing. For the dveout out there, the message boards discussing the Makers Diet will provide an amazing amount of encouragement and support. However, the Makers Diet is ultimately more of a lifestyle discipline than a weight loss supplement, and as such you are not guaranteed results unless you commit to following the diet program. This does little to differentiate the Makers Diet from other diet programs that do not include fat burning supplements.

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    have you had any sutdies on the maker’s diet helping people with the aids virus


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    Jeanie Casillas

    I have tried everything and this sound like it might work.