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Editor's Review: 3.8 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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7 There is a detailed official website for the Malibu Pilates Chair. We are told that the Malibu Pilates Chair was designed by Pilates instructor Carroll Krieff who runs a successful Pilates Studio. The website also contains biographical information about Carroll Krieff. If you decide to purchase the Malibu Pilates Chair you will also receive some workout DVDS and an Eating Right Guide.

Product Features

Upon reading the official website some may be attracted by the tempting offer of a free trial period with the chair for $14.95. However, if you read the small print carefully you will see that once you subscribe to the free offer, you credit card will be debited with the sum of $14.95 and that once the Malibu Pilates Chair has been shipped, your card will then be debited with a further $29.95. Furthermore, if you do not cancel the Malibu Pilates Chair within sixty days your credit card will be debited with six monthly payments of $49.95, which ads up to the full cost of the chair. Is this right for you? If you’ve had some pilates experience in the past you might want to consider the Malibu Pilates Chair, because you already know the basics and you know that pilates works for you. However, beginning dieters might prefer to start with a more basic supplement and exercise routine and work their way up to equipment like the chair.

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  • There is an official website for the Malibu Pilates Chair.
  • When you order the Malibu Pilates Chair you will also receive a some Pilates workout DVDS and an Eating Right Guide.
  • There is an offer of a free trial period for the Malibu Pilates Chair.


  • The Malibu Pilates chair is not designed primarily to help with losing weight, rather it is designed to help already active users tone up.
  • The terms and conditions of the free trial offer of the Malibu Pilates chair are not clearly stated.
  • Many dieters buy expensive exercise equipment, then find that they lack the motivation to use them consistently.


We feel that the free trial offer of the Malibu Pilates Chair is rather misleading. Also if you are looking primarily to lose weight we do not think that the Malibu Pilates Chair is the best option as Pilates is more about helping people tone up and build physical strength than about losing weight. This is probably best for pilates veterans who already know what they’re getting into.

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  • 1

    I am trying to buy the Malibu chair from my neighbor who loves it. The leg locking knob came off and we can’t get it back on. Can anyone help? The spring is so strong the knob threads don’t touch the screw. Is this a deal breaker? Is it unsafe without being locked? I’m paying $200. Help.


    Jessica (Editor)

    Hi Robin! For detailed product issues and instructions, please refer to the Malibu Pilates Chair official website to contact their customer service.


  • 2
    Your Name

    Tell us your thoughts about Malibu Pilates Chair.i i bought my pilates pro sometime ago on cvc. let me tell you i love it. i have some issues with my back so going overboard isn’t good. i have it situated between my family room and the living room and overtime i go in one room, i stop on my pilates and when i return, i stop again. i love having the adjustable springs and the seat with handles. this is perfect for someone wanting to develop their muscle strengths and also for stamina. i also , when i am not using the springs, do a type of push up by using the seat for that. it has strengthened my back muscles so much and my arms as well. it is so convenient, and i love using it so much. many people like myself are not going to be outstanding athletes , by the way, but we can sure can be healthy using something like this in our health programs. by the way, i am 74 and i still roller-skate, even if people laugh. i mow a 2 acre yard 2 times a week to keep it nice and yes i am still working on my weight as i have an underachieve thyroid to deal with but the malibu pilates has been the best thing i have ever used. most important is it doesn’t take up much space in a room, easy to jump on and jump off and you don’t get the feeling of, oh, i don’t want to have to do it. quite the opposite. i love to get on mine. my son uses mine as well. this is a truly great product and i want to buy one for my sister who has been thru some issues with her back and i know this is what she needs to get her strength back. saving my money to get her one. great product and i too would like to know where to get the malibu springs.


  • 3

    I need to assemble a chair friend pass to me, Where can I get the manual? Thank you



    do a google search


  • 4
    kelli tudor

    Help! I love my Pilates chair and one of my resistence springs finally broke, I cant find a legitimate replacement anywhere. Anyone out there have some they can sell and send?? Please


  • 5
    Allen Hall

    I am missing a rubber foot, size is 1 1/4″ by 2″. How can a get this part?


  • 6

    Just purchased the pilates chair pro. The leg bars squeak loudly and are annoying to say the least. Tried wd-40 and it resolves nothing. What is the solution? A fix to this issue is a necessity in order to use the chair.



    WD-40 is not really a lubricant it’s more for loosening tight parts etc. Try using some household oil like 3 in 1 20 weight machine oil and that should fix your problem.


  • 7

    Have been using the Malibu Pilates Pro Chair for a little over a month. Tight on space and some equipment is boring.
    I lost a 100 lbs. 10 years ago and need to get off about 15 lbs. that has crept back up from life’s challenges and age. The chai CAN get your heart-rate up with the cardio sequencing workout. Weight loss will NEVER happen without following a healthy diet of eating. I have seen people sweat themselves to death in a gym and never lose a pound. If you are looking to lose weight, you have to combine both.
    I personally love the chair. Being 56 yrs. of age, my joints are getting stiff and it is a great benefit to keep agile. I plan to go out fighting! Through my 60s and beyond…


  • 8

    Yes I have the same problem with the handles. I ordered the chair from malibu but the sculpting handles from HSN. I called HSN with the problem so they sent me another set of handles and they didnt fit. So I clled malibu and they apologized and sent me a free pair and they dont fit. What are the odds that 3 pairs dont fit?? I am going to call malibu later today. This is crazy!!


  • 9

    When I assembled the machine, I found that the sculpting handles tubing are too large to fit easily into the chair holes! and I mean really tight. Even using a cushioned block and hammer it will not go al the way to the locking button. Has anyone else had this problem? Can anyone help?




    @ Sherry
    Hello, How do you rate the Malibu Pilates chair? Is it worth the money Im not new to exercising but want machine for the home. Is it a good choice to purchase to tone up. Im not looking to lose weight.
    Hope to her from you soon. Or anyone can reply to me who has this chair. Thanks.


  • 10

    What is the maximum weight the chair can hold safely?



    I think it holds up to 300 lbs.


  • 11
    wilma link

    I had back surgery in 09 and am still nit walking properly.
    Is this chair fight form me for toning my core muscles ans losing some weight? I had a fusion of 4 lumbar discs. Would this item be safe for me?



    You should check with your surgeon or physical therapist first.


  • 12

    Hi, I just bought a Malibu Pilates Chair in excelent condition at out local refuse recycle shop for $15 AU. Wow, what a bargain and awesome Mother’s Day Pressy 🙂


  • 13

    We are the factory of Malibu Pilate in China
    The price is very competitive






    Can I buy the springs only from your comapny?


  • 14

    I bought the chair over a year ago. Well built. Good for abs and muscle toning legs and arms. Good resistance – like a mini-BowFlex machine. Folds up to nothing. Great for winter indoor workouts. Wish there were more workout DVD’s. I like it. Not the cure all for weight loss, but every workout helps.


  • 15

    how much is the chair after the $14.95 30 day trial?



    I just ordered it this weekend. It ended up costing $365 with shipping and handling.



    wow-do they think that we are made of money-if they really wish to help people lose weigh they should price it so everyone can buy it-i`m one who would buy but not for that pricee


  • 16

    Where can I buy two Malibu Pilates Chair springs?


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