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Malibu Pilates is an exercise program derived from the original Pilates, founded by Caroll Krieff. A former neuromuscular therapist and Pilates instructor, Krieff created Malibu Pilates from her own experience as a teacher, introducing a special chair in place of a typical Pilates machine. Her Pilates chair is claimed to offer a different level of intensity to dieters, challenging all muscle groups and providing a fulfilling workout. Malibu Pilates has become so famous that it is now endorsed by soap opera star Susan Lucci, who says she uses Malibu Pilates regularly to keep herself lean and strong.

Look out for the price on the Malibu Pilates website. This piece of equipment is actually offered on a trial basis, so the initial charge is $14.95. But be careful, even for the trial, you will be billed an extra $44.90 for shipping. If you keep the chair, you will be charged six additional monthly payments of $49.95. It does not appear to be available in retail stores, but their official website sells it exclusively for this price. In the world of exercise equipment, this price is unheard of and will make this an economical choice for all dieters. Let’s look into Malibu Pilate in depth.


Malibu Pilates includes a Malibu Pilates Chair, Basic Breakdown DVD, 20 Minute Malibu Pilates Makeover DVD, Total Dream Body Sculpting Workout DVD, and a Malibu Makeover and Eating Right Guide. Two bonuses are also available, including Mari’s Dynamic Sequencing Workout DVD and a Malibu 10 Wall Chart.

Product Features

Malibu Pilates requires consumers to workout on its exclusive Malibu Pilates chair, which is included in their package. The chair includes a seat, a handlebar, and an adjustment setting for changing the tension on the handlebar. Krieff states that this setup allows for maximum impact on the core muscles and freedom to move freely while completing Malibu Pilates exercises. Most of the exercises appear to be targeted on the abdominals, but the program does include some arm and leg strengthening exercises. There is no documented evidence showing her chair may provide a more grueling exercise, but consumers have stated they have felt a stronger impact on their abdominals. Consumers do not state that her exercises helped them lose weight, however, which may be due to the focus on Pilates instead of a well balanced diet. It does not appear to accommodate consumers of differing fitness levels or restrictions, however, and is probably not ideal for those with pre-existing back conditions.

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  • Is a form of Pilates, which consumers say does provide a more challenging workout.


  • Only promises to get dieters in shape, not to help them lose weight.
  • May not accommodate consumers of all fitness levels.
  • Only available online.
  • The billing structur when ordering online can be confusing.


Malibu Pilates offers a new form of Pilates for dieters seeking a cheaper and unique alternative, but there are no studies backing up Krieff’s claims and some consumers seem to back that up. While weight loss does not seem to be a focus of Malibu Pilates, it does offer a cheap mode of exercise that may be more grueling than typical workouts.

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6 User Reviews about Malibu Pilates

  • 1

    Need instruction for exersice & workouts, is there a site I can down load? HELP


  • 2

    Another stupid get in shape product!!! This machine is a joke!!! Overpriced and not effective. And it costs more to ship malibu pilates their junk back then to keep it!!!! Avoid this company…they sell junk!!!


  • 3

    I love the chair. It has sculpted my body to the point of my being proud to wear skinny tops and pants. AND it is not hard.



    I live in a senior citzens apt Is it quiet as I need to use it early in the morning?


  • 4

    Fixed it up, thanks so much Christine!! Sneaky billing. We love it when our readers improve our reviews :)


  • 5

    If you look on the website, it it 44.90 for the 14 day trial not 14.99 as you pay for shipping. (both ways if decide not to keep it.)