Malice Scorch Fat Review

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What You Should Know

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Malice Scorch Fat is a product released by Chaotic Labs. It claims to be able to help you burn more fat, have more energy, suppress the appetite, and improve focus and mental clarity. Read this review to learn more about the product ingredients and how well this product will stand against its claims that no other diet and weight loss product will produce the quality results you are looking for.

List of Ingredients

Malice Scorch Fat contains the following ingredients:

  • Proprietary Blend: Caffeine, Phenylethylamine HCL, Hoodia 20:1, White Willow Bark, Green Tea extract 98%, Yohimbe 8%, Methylsynephrine, Theobromine, Ephedra Extract, Citrus Aurantium 30%, Chromium 10%

Product Features

Malice Scorch Fat contains several different fat burning and stimulant ingredients, including: caffeine, green tea, yohimbe, ephedra, and citrus aurantium. Ephedra is banned in the United States due to the negative side effects associated with its use. Citrus Aurantium is a naturally occurring plant that is thought to be a chemical cousin of ephedra, but without the potential for dangerous side effects, so why include them both in the formula? Hoodia is thought to help boost the metabolism and suppress the appetite, but there are many fakes, because the real ingredient is relatively rare, and very expensive. This product comes with no certification to show the ingredient as genuine.

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  • Malice Scorch Fat contains clinically proven ingredients.


  • Malice Scorch Fat is highly priced, at over $100 per bottle.
  • We are not sure how widely available this product is.
  • The proprietary blend is rather small at just 645 mg, so you don’t get a lot of the active ingredients.
  • This contains a high number of stimulants, which may disrupt the sleep cycle and cause a variety of unwanted side effects including: headaches, jitters, and irritability.
  • This product contains ephedra, which has been banned by the FDA in the United States.
  • We see no evidence of a money back guarantee.
  • There are no free trials of this supplement.


Malice Scorch Fat does have an impressive ingredient list at first glance, but what many people fail to realize is that without a clinically proven amount in the formula, the product will not work like it claims to. For example, the total blend (645 mg) is slightly more than half of the total recommended amount of green tea (1200 mg) required to get the fat burning benefits. While it sounds good, it simply will not do all that it promises. If you want to lose weight, you not only need to find a quality supplement that contains the right amounts of the right ingredients, but you also need to consider proper diet and exercise to make your weight loss efforts easier.

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