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Mama Wants Her Body Back is a complete workout system from fitness expert Lisa Druxman. The system is designed for mothers of all ages wanting to reshape their post-partum body. The Mama Wants Her Body Back system guarantees results or your money back. We researched and asked the question, will the program actually work or is Mama Wants Her Body Back simply a marketing ploy?

We found Mama Wants Her Body Back on the official website. The price is $42.97 plus shipping and handling for the DVD’s with varying payment options available.

List of Ingredients

Set of DVD’s tailored toward moms with a bonus inspirational guide, diet plan and sculpting band.

Product Features

Mama Wants Her Body Back system features an inspirational DVD, six workouts tailored to mothers, diet guide and an additional workout DVD and sculpting band.

We researched and found discrepancies in the claims associated with Mama Wants Her Body Back. The marketing focuses on mothers of all ages, but does not recognize mothers of all fitness levels. A mother with health conditions may find the workout difficult and challenging. The system further claims to produce results. There are no scientific research associated with claims of research. We also found the program to be more of a quick fix verses a lifelong maintenance solution. Mama Wants Her Body Back is designed to be completed within eight week. Mothers requiring significant amounts of weight loss may not achieve their goals within the eight week time frame.

We found reports of customers having their credit cards charged for Mama Wants Her Body Back and receiving multiple DVD’s. We also noticed the diet guide in the system features foods from chain restaurants and does not include a food list for mothers on different diets such as low-card or vegan.

Mama Wants Her Body Back is available on the official website for $42.97 plus shipping and handling.

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  • 30 day money-back guarantee.
  • Official website.
  • Workout tailored to Moms.


  • Mama Wants Her Body Back does not address proper supplementation.
  • The diet guide provides typically unhealthy restaurant options.
  • Workouts may not be for all skill levels.
  • Claims are not supported by scientific research.
  • Claims of fraud associated with customers credit cards being charged for DVD’s not received.
  • Offers guarantee of results.


Although Mama Wants Her Body Back markets toward moms of all ages, one key factor not addressed is the physical level of the target audience. Lisa Druxman fails to identify options for the mother who may not have had prior experience using a workout system in the past. We found the six-week diet plan associated with Mama Wants Her Body Back to a quick fix and not a lifelong healthy eating plan. The dishes included in the plan consist of restaurants where hidden additives could possibly reverse the positive effects of a healthy diet. Mama Wants Her Body Back does not address the need for proper supplementation. A healthy lifestyle of diet, exercise and proper supplementation is a requirement for a dieter looking for success.

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  • 1

    Does anyone have a review on the actual exercise program? Most of what I am reading is regarding the customer service the gimmick, the marketing …did anyone actually do the exercises? And seen any success, just curious.



    I saw reviews of the scams so I bought the videos off of Amazon. I like the workouts. I’m getting back into a workout routine and each workout has a low intensity, regular, an advanced. When I started I did the low just so I wouldn’t get to sore and give up.Now I’m doing the regular workouts. I feel better and am slowly seeing results.(Rome wasn’t built in a day) I find its a great way to ease back into exercise.


  • 2
    Kaitlyn j

    I got this and keep getting stuff in the mail. Does anyone know the number to customer service so I cancel this??? Please help they keep charging my debit card. I sent a email because I tried to call several times and it was busy. Please help!!!!!


  • 3

    Do not buy these they have seen me to collections for something that I do not owe the keep charging my card and have terrible customer service and cannot answer a simple question. Wish I would have seen all of these before I ordered I would have never ordered them very un happy.


  • 4

    I have not had any problems with this sure i will be accused of working for the company and i can assure you that i dont..i have been a stay at home mom for 4 years and i was really unhappy with the way i felt and how much weight i had gained in that time frame. I was so happy that one day i saw an informercial for this program i love it and i have lost 14 lbs since i have started and i am continuing to see results also when canceling had no problem with the customer service rep and they were able to take care of it within 5 min of me calling. I love this product but as with anything if your not fully committed it may not work for you and im sorry but what was stated above it is not just an 8week program if you look on the mamma wants website it says that ovr an 8 week period ppl lost an average of 10 lbs the sucess journals that i have stretch all the way into week 30 so i think a little more research needs to be done before claims are posted on this site because thats misinformation.


  • 5

    Lisa Druxman is a spoiled narcissist. I had the particularly horrible experience of meeting her and buying in to a franchise of her “stroller strides” franchises. If you have an indepedent thought or idea, you do not belong with this group of “Stepford” moms.
    She told me I was too heavy to lead classes, especially in LA, where I live.
    So much for being understanding of moms and the challenges they face with their bodies after childbirth.
    Thank goodness for my daughter. After almost two years of getting up three days a week to teach these classes, she had a “sit in”. She refused to get in the car and said, at two years of age, “I am never going to that park ever again!” Saved by my own daughter. I had to do so much marketing on my own, that it actually took away time from my precious daughter, instead of the “bonding” with them that stroller strides hawks. I’ve had to work at getting rid of the guilt of putting my baby through that. Nine years later, Lisa’s criticism of my weight and “shaming” of my not video taping my daughter growing up, sometimes still disturbs me, not often, but when I saw, “Mama wants her body back”, I wanted to puke. BTW, Lisa had her second child thru IVF, paid for I’m sure, by the “selling” of these franchises of stroller strides. Thank goodness for wisdom out of the mouths of babes!!


  • 6

    I have order mama wants her body back workouts. Saw it on tv and website saying it was 9.99 +s&h. Which is bs 9.99 is for vhs who uses vhs anymore it was 12.95 for the dvds and shipping was 18.95. Since I order throught the phone it took about 35 minutes to place my order with a machine. I had to spell out EVERYTHING plus annoying up sales and a free trip for 2 to the Bahamas. I said no to every thing they offered and my card has NOT gotten charged anything else. I have seen good results lost 5lbs in the 1st week and drop 2 inches in my stomach area. Im kind of sad that the videos are not all that great. The mama wants her booty back is 1 workout for 20mins. The core video has 3 workouts for 10 mins so a total of 30 mins if you do all of them together. And the mama wants her body back workout is 3 workouts each for 20mins. If I knew what I know now I would have not gotten it…


  • 7

    Wish I would have gone here first – Stephanie the same thing happened to me and I am furious!! Very misleading. I too am surprised they are still in business.


  • 8

    mama wants her body back should be televised as we want you money and send you crap! Too bad for people like us who placed an order before looking it up. All I can say is DON’T ORDER THIS CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!


    unhappy customer

    Don’t Order!!!!!!!


  • 9

    Getting a Refund from them is next to impossible! They keep charging my credit Card! Buyer Beware!


  • 10
    Gamblin Queen

    The number one rule of mail order is, if you can’t mail in a money order then don’t buy. It is extremely difficult to continue to charge a money order. If you just gotta use a credit card then get a prepaid card like Green Dot. That way you won’t find yourself being constantly charged.


  • 11

    I saw this as an infomercial and called 800-893-2716 to order for $9.99. OMG-It is not a live person, it is all recording. You have to spell everything, then after they take your debit or credit card info, they don’t tell you what the shipping cost is, instead they continue to offer other products and when you reply ‘no’ they start another sales pitch. I know that I at least said no to 4-5 items, then they told me that I won a 2 day cruise and they transferred my call to someone to book my cruise. I told them I wanted transferred back and they couldn’t do that, so I don’t know at this point what my total was that I am being charged for and I’m not sure what I am actually receiving…Good Luck,to anyone ordering this, I hope I am getting what I requested without outrageous shipping costs added to the price…Time will tell.


  • 12

    Product is good, but customer service is AWFUL!!!! They have charged me the original $19.99, which was fine, because that’s what I ordered, but then, every month for the past three months they charged me $26.94, $19.99, and another $19.99. After the first $26.94, I called and cancelled any further shipments. Well, they try to play it off as your account hasn’t been paid in full, or there were multiple payments needed to pay for the system. I assured them that I had my original receipt with no mention of any other payments necessary on it, threatened a lawyer, and then they finally refunded my money…It only took three months!! DO NOT BUY THIS SYSTEM…MORE HASSLE THAN IT’S WORTH!!!!!!!!!1


  • 13

    I have not seen good reviews at all. I’ve seen nothing but problems associated with this product. How could it still be for sale? When I first saw the infomercial until I researched it.


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