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The Simple Guy Diet, also known as the “Man Diet” is a book written by a man who describes himself as a “pathetically average 50-something male.” Though he had no desire to follow a complex weight loss program or join some kind of club, he wanted to lose weight. He chose to do this through making minor adjustments to his diet, and as a result, put the diet online to share his experience with others who were asking him how he was able to lose 20 pounds with such little effort. The fee he charges is minimal, and just enough to cover his website expenses.

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The Simple Guy Diet does not promise to be a weight loss miracle. He says he does not guarantee weight loss, because what worked for him may not work well for others. The basics of the program are: commit yourself to a month, invest in a digital scale, develop your food plan, look for ways to save money, and “enjoy the view.” You will need at least 30 days to chance your habits. Set a start date, stick to it, and follow the program. If you are not where you want ot be at the end of the program, you can re-evaluate to determine if you want to continue or find another solution. Use the food scale to weigh your portions for every meal so you can have a better idea of what you are putting in your mouth. Use the dietary guidelines to come up with a meal plan that wil work best for you based on your personal tastes and goals. Don’t fall victim to purchasing expensive supplements and “diet” foods, because you don’t need to. Exercise is good for overall health if you want to do it, but you don’t have to kill yourself in the gym. He says you should walk while you are doing something else, do some yard work, involve yourself with physical chores, or engage in vigorous play with your children.

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  • This approach will appeal to many men.
  • This approach will allow you to make choices that are in sync with your lifestyle, making it easier to stick to.
  • This approach is much more cost effective than other weight loss programs for men.


  • This approach is not a real weight loss program.
  • This will require you to invest in a digital food scale.
  • Results will not show up quickly.
  • You will not get any recipes or a meal plan for guidance.


The Simple Guy Diet is just that. This approach could also work for women. It does teach you about making healthier choices, but will not work for everyone, and will not produce dramatic results quickly.

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