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Man Scorch is a fat-burning formulation frequently used by body-builders. More often than not, marketing that hypes a weight loss product as “his” or “hers” is just marketing. The ingredients in Man Scorch could be used just as easily on women.

Man Scorch claims to burn fat fast, boost energy, control appetite, lift mood, and reduce excess water buildup. We will take a closer look at the ingredients in Man Scorch below to see if it might be able to do as it claims.

We were unable to locate an official website for Man Scorch but it appears to be widely available through online retailers. There does not appear to be a manufacturer’s money-back guarantee offered nor were we able to find product samples or trial sizes. On the retailers’ websites we reviewed, we did not find any customer testimonials. We like to see customer testimonials as they give the consumer more information with which to be able to assess the potential effectiveness of the product.


Green tea, Oolong tea, caffeine, PEA, Isobutyryl thiamine disulfide, raspberry ketones, evodiamine, ginger root, synephrine, bioperine, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, FD&C Blue#1, FD&C Red#40, titanium dioxide, and gelatin.

Product Features

Man Scorch works on the principle of thermogenesis, which we feel is one of the best and most effective approaches to weight management. Thermogenesis is a process in the body that increases metabolism and starts to break down adipose (fat) tissue. Caffeine and green tea are common ingredients that trigger thermogenesis and Man Scorch contains both ingredients.

An interesting and unique ingredient in the formulation is raspberry ketones, which have some clinical support for helping with weight loss in animals, but there have not yet been any credible human studies completed.

Synephine is related to the now-banned ephedra and shows some promise as an appetite suppressant. Without knowing how much of this ingredient is contained in Man Scorch, however, it is difficult to determine whether it may prove effective in this formulation.

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  • Contains proven thermogenic ingredients.
  • Widely available from online retailers.


  • No money-back guarantee available.
  • No product samples offered.
  • No indication of clinical testing of the product or its ingredients .


We do like the combination of ingredients in Man Scorch and the fact that it is based on thermogenesis. However, it is very difficult to recommend any product whose manufacturer does not stand behind it with a dedicated website and a money-back guarantee. Fortunately, there are other companies who make weight loss aids with similar ingredients and more testing and support. Consumers may wish to look into some of these products rather than settle for Man Scorch.

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