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Getting the right portions of nutrients is very important. In fact, it can certainly have an impact on your overall health; especially as you age. It can also assist you with healthy weight loss. In this piece, we will examine the nutrient, Manganese. It was first recognized as an essential nutrient back in 1931. Now you can find it in a number of supplement formulas.

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Manganese is a chemical element, which is often found in certain foods. It has an atomic number of 25, and is basically a trace mineral. As for health benefits, this substance is said to have many (it essentially functions as an enzyme activator). Some foods you can find Manganese in are dried cloves, pineapple, cooked brown rice, whole grain oats, garbanzo beans, whole grain rye, cooked tempeh, boiled spinach, cooked soybeans, and cooked spelt grains. Some claimed benefits of Manganese are protection from free radical damage, strong bones, normal blood sugar levels, and healthy nerves. Manganese may also assist the body with utilizing choline, biotin, thiamin, and ascorbic acid. Some studies show that Manganese helps the body synthesize cholesterol, and promotes thyroid gland functioning.

As you may know, there are multivitamins that offer specific doses of Manganese. These can be taken daily to assist people with acquiring sufficient doses of this element. Some common conditions that may occur if you fail to receive enough Manganese in your diet are as follows; hearing loss, skin rashes, dizziness, bone loss, high glucose levels, hair loss, low cholesterol levels, and even vomiting. Just so you are aware, the human body contains 15-20 milligrams of Manganese at any given time. It is mostly found in the bones.

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  • By getting sufficient amounts of Manganese in your diet, it may help regulate blood sugar levels.
  • This nutrient aids with high bone density.
  • Most of the foods that are high in Manganese are good for you.


  • Like anything, too much Manganese can be unhealthy.
  • Some people may experience dizziness if they lack sufficient amounts of this element.
  • Not getting enough Manganese can result in hair loss, high blood glucose levels, and hearing loss.


When it comes down to it, Manganese is one of many nutrients that need to be incorporated into your diet for good health. Just so you understand, this element does not aid directly with weight loss or muscle building, but it does assist with bone density, which is very important. Since many healthy foods are great sources of Manganese, it is certainly easy to get plenty of it in your diet in a healthy manner. Naturally there are also daily multivitamins that provide a good amount of this mineral.

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