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MangoDrin is a weight loss supplement by TruDerma. The company sells three other weight loss and slimming products. None of the products are clinically proven, but the company swears they have clinical research backing the supplements. MangoDrin contains one ingredient with positive clinical support, but that does not mean the supplement is safe and effective as a whole. Companies often promote clinical trials for one ingredient and think those trials are enough to push supplement sales. In this case, TruDerma packs unsafe ingredients with one clinically proven ingredient to create a supplement that is not safe for some dieters.

List of Ingredients

Green Tea Extract, Caffeine, Picamillion, Nettle Leaf Extract, Irvingia Gabonesis, Phenylethylamine HCL, Inositol Niacinate, Synephrine Caprylate and Yohimbe HCL.

Product Features

Irvingia gabonensis, also known as African Mango, is a fiber-rich ingredient proven to reduce cholesterol and help dieters lose weight. We like this ingredient as it is a non-stimulant that has some clinical backing.

MangoDrin also contains green tea and caffeine, two more ingredients with clinical weight loss support. If MangoDrin were to stop there, we could support the supplement as an above-average supplement, but TruDerma decided to include one dangerous ingredient and two additional stimulants.

Synephrine and yohimbe are stimulants. Stimulants increase heart rate and blood pressure. Caffeine is a stimulant, as well, but tons of clinical trials have been completed with caffeine. That cannot be said for synephrine and yohimbe.

Phenylethylamine HCL is the dangerous ingredient that has no place in a weight loss supplement. This ingredient affects the brain and mood. Dieters with mental illness, taking medications for mental illness or with a history of depression, anxiety, panic attacks or any other form of mental condition, should not take a supplement that contains phenylethylamine. This is especially important for patients with bipolar disorder as this ingredient can cause manic symptoms.

MangoDrin ingredients are not listed on the official TruDerma website. The company does, however, list the price at $70 a bottle. This is a huge price to pay for what could be a dangerous diet pill.

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  • Ingredients are found online.
  • Three proven ingredients.


  • Too expensive.
  • May be dangerous for dieters with a history of mental illness.
  • No ingredients listed on the official TruDerma website.
  • No clinical proof the supplement causes weight loss.
  • The company tries to use clinical research for African Mango to support the supplement.


MangoDrin may contain a proven ingredient, but the supplement is less than great. When a company uses ingredients that could be dangerous for some dieters, we tend to shy away from that product. Dieters should not have to worry about mental conditions when they want to lose weight.

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  • 1
    penny vasco

    i take 50 mg of zoloft would it be safe to try the mangodrin


  • 2

    Will this give a false positive test for THC?


  • 3

    Well I haven’t tried it but this review was everything! Thanks!


  • 4
    Emalee RyAnne

    This product gives me a lot of energy without the jitters I usually get with many other products. As long as I drink enough water I’m good to go and feel great throughout the day. So far Ive lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks, I’d say its working (;


  • 5
    sara u

    I’ve lost a lot of weight on this product! It used to make me jittery, but if you make sure to take it will a full glass of water then you’re totally fine. I noticed a big difference in my midsection. My friends and I are all hooked on this stuff!


  • 6
    melissa f

    Well I bought 3 bottles of it off line about 3 months ago. The first couple times i used it i didn’t eat while taking it and I though that was why i was puking all the time. Everytime i used it i felt fuzzy, like id go outside or anywhere and feel anxious and weird. Don’t drink coffee with this! you’ll puke it up! well today i thought id do it again so i ate before taking it and i feel fine for right now. I JUST WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT!!!


  • 7
    Mary Rikkers

    What are the safety concerns fo this product? Proven results/testimonials?


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