MangoLean African Mango Superfood Review

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What You Should Know

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MangoLean African Mango Superfood is more than a fiber supplement. The main ingredient is African Mango, a healthy source of fiber, but the formula also contains several other ingredients to boost weight loss. There is an official website for Nutritional Concepts, the manufacturer of the supplement, but we did not find MangoLean African Mango Superfood on that website. The product is for sale from at least one other website. MangoLean African Mango Superfood sells for $17.97 per bottle. Each bottle contains a 30-day supply.

List of Ingredients

Chromium, African Mango, Acai Berry Extract, Green Tea Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Papain.

Product Features

Chromium is a natural appetite suppressant. Unlike fiber, chromium helps keep blood sugar under control. Digestion requires glucose so glucose rises. When digestion is complete, glucose falls. Sometimes on the way down, glucose does not stop and it drops lower than it should. This causes the brain to signal the stomach to grumble and the dieter feels hungry. Chromium helps control glucose so it does not drop that low so the dieter does not feel hungry.

African mango is a source of fiber. Fiber is another appetite suppressant, but it also has laxative qualities. Acai berry is a strong antioxidant that counteracts the negative effects of free radicals. Green tea extract is a source of caffeine and EGCG. Both are proven to increase metabolism and weight loss.

The dieter is only supposed to take two capsules per day with one meal. Most diet pills are taken several times a day, especially those with fiber as the main ingredient. The directions state to take the fiber with the meal, but typically fiber is taken at least 30 minutes before the meal. It takes about 30 minutes for fiber to slow digestion.

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  • Fiber supports a healthy colon and digestive system.
  • Chromium is an effective appetite suppressant.
  • Acai berry provides strong antioxidant support.
  • Green tea extract boosts metabolism.
  • Contains no overstimulating ingredients.
  • Costs less than most diet pills.


  • Only taken once a day.


MangoLean African Mango Superfood is a relatively good supplement. It includes 400 mg of green tea standardized to 50-percent EGCG plus 200 mcg of Chromium. The only problem with the supplement is the suggested dose. In order to fight appetite, the dieter would need to take the supplement more than one time a day. There could be some caffeine content du e to the green tea, but not as much as a stimulant diet pill. Some vitamin companies sell the supplement with a money-back guarantee. This type of guarantee allows the dieter to try the supplement and return it if it does not help them lose weight.

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