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Manuka Health New Zealand offers a variety of supplements for various health improvements and conditions. Each supplement uses Manuka honey as a base ingredient and builds on the health benefits of Manuka honey for improving overall health. The product line includes manuka honey, propolis, royal jelly and bee pollen. In addition, there is a section of the website dedicated to the health applications of various Manuka Health New Zealand supplements.

List of Ingredients

Ingredients vary based on product selected from Manuka Health New Zealand.

Product Features

The health applications section of the Manuka Health New Zealand website lists digestive care, well-being, joint health, oral care, winter wellness and wound care. While none of these sections are 100% dedicated to weight loss, the joint care supplements may be helpful to some people trying to lose weight.

Manuka Honey and Glucosamine with bee pollen claims to help reduce inflammation that is common when joint pain persists. These supplements may also help reduce pain after working out as inflammation is common after fitness. Obesity is also a condition plagued with inflammation which could mean people trying to lose large amounts of weight may have issues with joint pain that could be eased with the use of Manuka Honey and Glucosamine.

Despite the help this supplement may provide, Manuka Health New Zealand truly does not offer any supplements that will increase fat burn and calorie burn to affect weight loss. Many of the supplements listed under the general well-being and digestive care portions of the site are the same. This means some supplements can be used for various health issues.

Manuka Health New Zealand is sold through local retailers. The list of retailers is only available if a website visitor gives up personal email information to which a list of local retailers will be sent. The company is based in New Zealand which means local retailers will only be available for people living in that area. Prices are not listed on the official website.

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  • Some of the supplements may improve overall health.


  • No prices are listed online.
  • None of the Manuka Health New Zealand products are aimed at weight loss.
  • Products are sold locally in New Zealand.


Manuka Health New Zealand produces honey and bee based supplements for use to improve overall health. None of the products will effectively increase weight loss, but a few could improve joint pain sometimes associated with working out to lose more weight. Despite these supplements being sold by Manuka Health New Zealand, the dieter may find more benefit from taking a fat burning supplement that increases calorie consumption and positively effects weight loss in a proven manner. Local products are also hard to come by for people living outside of New Zealand.

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