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Every time Beyonce walks down the red carpet, fans wonder how she manages to keep such a fit and slim body. The Maple Syrup Diet is one of the star’s secrets, according to websites describing the Maple Syrup Diet. Other names for the diet include the Master Cleanse and Lemonade Diet. No matter what name is used for the diet, it remains one of the least effective, dangerous diets on the Internet today. The Maple Syrup Diet consists of drinking lemonade, maple syrup, cayenne pepper solution and eating little to no food for multiple days. The idea is to cleanse the body for improved metabolism and weight loss, but the result is reduced metabolism, dehydration and fewer than needed vitamins and nutrients.

List of Ingredients

Maple Syrup, Lemonade and Cayenne Pepper.

Product Features

When a dieter reads information on the Maple Syrup Diet, they have likely run the course of popular fad diets, only to find these diets just don’t cause long-term weight loss. Instead of running for the hills, more and more websites pop up every day trying to sell products of information on the Maple Syrup Diet. Chances are you will find the majority of the information online under the name Master Cleanse.

The Maple Syrup Diet is not only popular in the United States. Dieters from all over the world look at the face of Beyonce Knowles and see the perfect body and physique. If she uses the Maple Syrup Diet to lose weight, it will certainly work for the average dieter. While this theory sounds great, the facts about the Maple Syrup Diet don’t lie – dieters that don’t eat, eventually gain weight.

There are four varieties of the Maple Syrup Diet – the Full Detox, Relaxed Version, Once a Week Version and the Master Plan. Each offers a different approach to the Maple Syrup Diet. Some are stricter than others, replacing all three meals a day with detox shakes. Others allow for breakfast, lunch or dinner, with the detox drink being consumed at other meals.

There is very little cost associated with the Maple Syrup Diet.

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  • Information is free for the Maple Syrup Diet.
  • Stars (celebrities) lose weight on the program.


  • The Master Cleanse or Maple Syrup Diet can lead to rebound weight gain.
  • Any diet that pushes starvation is not healthy.


The Maple Syrup Diet is just another means of selling the Master Cleanse Diet. With a huge star like Beyonce Knowles claiming to use the Maple Syrup Diet to say thin, chances are dieters will jump in and soon find the detox drink difficult to swallow as they stop losing weight or never lose weight at all.

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    How much of what do I mix for the maple syrup diet. I really wanna try it. I gained I little weight after having my son