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Claims such as clinically proven weight loss, 100% safe and beneficial to overall health, and powerful weight loss extracts included should make a dieter have confidence in a product? Maqui 6 has all three claims and more. Applied Nutritional Research, the maker of Maqui 6, hopes the flashy website will provide the dieter with confidence prior to purchasing their product. As a dieter, do scientific studies throughout a website give Maqui 6 credibility?

List of Ingredients

Maqui berries, Goji berries, Acai berries, Pomegranates, Green tea, Resveratrol?

Product Features

We do our research and Maqui 6 will easily draw a dieter into their website with videos, claims of fat burn, toxin flush, and 100% natural ingredients. Unfortunately, dieters need to be aware of a product which doesn’t support their claims. We could not find any clinical studies. We did find links to the parent company website Applied Nutritional Research. This company does not have information regarding clinical studies of Maqui 6.

Testimonials tell a lot about a product. No testimonials are listed about Maqui 6. The only information provided was from Ecuadorian Rainforest, LLC commenting on the benefits of Maqui berry, but not specifically Maqui 6. Another testimonial from the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry is available, but does not link Maqui 6 to weight loss.

Upon researching the ingredients on the official website, green tea is listed as one of the extracts. Clinical studies have shown green tea to boost metabolism and thus increase weight loss. Maqui 6 doesn’t include any research supporting those facts. The only research is linked to a study on the effectiveness and levels of antioxidants.

Maqui 6 sells $37 through the official website. Various third-party websites offer discounts up to 65% off per bottle for multiple bottle purchases. With additional purchases, the websites offer recommendations for increased weight loss. The more a dieter buys, the more weight and belly fat one will loss.

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  • Online ordering for Maqui 6 is available.


  • No clinical studies have been published linking Maqui 6 to weight loss.
  • A complete ingredient list is not available on the official website.
  • Maqui 6 is not competitively priced at $37 for one bottle.
  • The suggested dosage is not available.


A dieter should be cautious of Maqui 6. On the official website, there is not an official ingredient list. The only ingredients listed are extracts, but the inclusion of these items in Maqui 6 is in question. Dieters should also be aware of a supplement which claims to be backed by clinical studies which are not linked to the actual product. The clinical study on the official website links to tests involving various antioxidants and not Maqui 6.

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  • 1

    Does NOT work, my friends and I tried it for 3 months. NOTHING!!!!!!


  • 2

    when iam can take the maqui6 befor or after breakfasty and ihave ahay blasher it is dangres whith me


  • 3

    how fast acting is maqui 6?


  • 4

    Does anyone know what the daily dosage is or how many pills come in the bottle? I could not find any info on it and the email address they list>
    came back maeler demon :-/



    U take two pills a day. I’ve been on it a month nw,and I’ve lost seven pounds nw.



    60 capsules per bottle.


  • 5
    Nancy Vernand

    Does this product have any negative side effects on the liver or is it good for it?


  • 6

    i am 15 years old and im weighing 65, people make fun of me, can i take maqui 6?



    I have a 12 year old that weighs 125. She is not even close too overweigh looking. OMG at 65 you should be very happy with yourself.



    she means 65kg which 143.3 LB, so she probably should watch her weight.



    No you SHOULD eat a cheeseburger, supersized with fries and giant milk shake.


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