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Maqui Berry Burn claims the power of antioxidants for anti-aging, weight loss and heart health. The supplement offers an official website that promotes a free trial offer. Commonly, these free trials are linked to an auto-ship program that charges the dieter for a monthly supply of the supplement at an inflated price. This could be the case with Maqui Berry Burn.

List of Ingredients

Maqui Berry and Green Tea

Product Features

The Maqui Berry Burn website is bright, colorful and lacking in information. There is no official ingredient list published on the website and no third party retailers offer the product for sale with an ingredient list. The buyer can assume maqui berry is in the formula, but how much is questionable. The free trial is similar to many other companies that want to take dieters to the cleaners and charge their credit cards within a short time after ordering. Customers have just 14 days from the time they place the order on the phone to return the product for a refund. If they do not contact the company and stop the auto-ship process or return the product, they will be charged $78.

No testimonials are listed on the Maqui Berry Burn website but there are complaints on the Internet about lack of customer service and difficulty stopping the auto-ship plan. Some users are charged for three or four months before the shipments are stopped and refunds for bottles sent are very hard to earn.

If the supplement contains green tea, as is suggested in one subheading, there could be some benefit from taking the supplement. Green tea is proven to increase weight loss by boosting metabolism. Unfortunately, with no definitive ingredient list the dieter has no idea how much green tea may be included. A trace is enough to allow the company to claim it as an ingredient but will not increase metabolism.

Maqui Berry Burn retails for $78 a month on an auto-ship program. Shipping and handling on the initial bottle is $3.75 but there is no mention of the shipping and handling charge for subsequent bottles.

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  • Maqui Berry Burn can be ordered online.


  • There are no ingredient lists on the website.
  • The free trial is linked to an auto-ship plan.
  • Maqui Berry Burn is priced higher than proven fat burners at $78 a bottle.
  • Consumers have complained about difficulty getting refunds and stopping auto-ship programs.


Without a complete ingredient list, dieters should beware about this supplement. The total cost of the first bottle is $78 plus $3.75 shipping and handling. If the auto-ship program is not cancelled, the consumer will be charged additional fees to the same credit card. Even if the auto-ship is cancelled, the only refund will come at the 2nd monthly billing cycle and not the first so the Maqui Berry Burn company will get the money for the “free” trial either way.

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