Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Review

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Marcy is a name weight trainer trust regarding high performance, high quality fitness equipment. Several products such as the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith are available through online retailers. Unfortunately, the official website does not offer their products for sale. The information we found was basic, including technical specifications, design features and shipping information.

We took a close look at the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith to see if the $800 price tag is worth the investment for the cost conscience weight trainer.

List of Ingredients

Multiple Station Smith Machine.

Product Features

The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith is a multiple station home gym. Stations include seated row, squat, chest fly and dual upper pulleys. A bench is standard and includes leg developer and Preacher curl. The machine accepts Olympic sized weight plates. Free weights and dumbbells are not included. We noticed the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith provides ankle straps, a roped tricep bar and an angled lat bar are standard.

There is no indication of a weight limit for the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith. This is a safety concern. The solid steel construction leads us to believe the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith is capable of holding at least 300 lbs., but unfortunately no information is provided supporting this fact.

The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith is extremely large and heavy. The minimum space requirements is 10 feet by 12 feet. This is typically larger than most rooms. To effectively use the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith, someone will need a large room or a garage. Upon assembly, moving the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith requires multiple individuals. The weight exceeds 500 lbs. prior to placing weight on the machine.

The price is expensive compared to similar models. The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith cost $800 plus shipping and handling, which could push the price over $1000. On top of the price, a cost conscience dieter must consider the price of the free weights.

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  • Transition between exercises.
  • Several attachments are included.


  • Free weights not included.
  • Transition between exercises.
  • Expensive.
  • Not available on the official website.
  • Machine is extremely heavy.
  • Not a compact design.
  • Assembly takes more than 6 hours.


We like the all inclusive nature of the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith. There is simply nothing a dieter cannot do on the machine, aside from cardiovascular exercises. The dieter has the ability to perform exercises designed to work every muscle group. All of the necessary attachments are included, which makes transitioning to different exercises a breeze.

What a dieter will not find so convenient about the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith is the machine does not offer free weight as a standard attachment. This may not concern some weight trainers, but when an individual must pay $800 for a product, they will expect more.

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